Xiaomi Mi 11 With The Snapdragon 888 

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My mini review on the Xiaomi Mi 11. Camera tests with benchmarks. First phone with the Snapdragon 888
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10 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman 2 timmar sedan
Please bring Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g
CR 7
CR 7 5 dagar sedan
buy s20 fe 5g or wait for mi11?
Reason 7 dagar sedan
I'd really like to see more comparisons with other phones. A phone review isn't very useful when it doesn't put the phone in context.
Venus Trisha
Venus Trisha 13 dagar sedan
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Maks Kobrunskuy
Maks Kobrunskuy 17 dagar sedan
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george beckons
george beckons 28 dagar sedan
Will it become available in NA soon?
Meruz hi
Meruz hi 29 dagar sedan
why in vietname they sell it for almost 1000$???
RS S Månad sedan
Weak battery life has failed this phone
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Månad sedan
Guys don't be fooled by the green screen behind him.
GejEr Månad sedan
Bruhhh do you ever watch That he Buys a 22 floor apartment???
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa Månad sedan
Good review have my like. Very desapointed with 888 soc from Qualcomm this chip is a little better than the previous 865 regarding performance but it needs a lot of power to do it. Very desapointed with this 5nm chip and for me the 865 is still the best all around soc.
Anwar Ahmed
Anwar Ahmed Månad sedan
I can feel the honesty in your review, keep up the good work
DANG LONG Månad sedan
That is so fking ugly a phone that its unreal. Fuck
Abhi shek
Abhi shek Månad sedan
wait is he form canada??
Abhi shek
Abhi shek Månad sedan
rohan Månad sedan
Full of bloatware and ads
Bellamy C
Bellamy C Månad sedan
the only guy who straight talk only straight opinion, no cuts no music or anything. except for the fact he is standing up.
Pranav Raj
Pranav Raj Månad sedan
Please compare it with oneplus 8 pro
Vasantha Pillai
Vasantha Pillai 2 månader sedan
"we all love that macro right" :D
ahmad royal
ahmad royal 2 månader sedan
Just admit that you're jealous of Xiaomi 😏 you hope that was One+
NARESH PURI 2 månader sedan
A Very interesting review of the chip and its aspirations. EXYNOS, has vastly improved in GALAXY S 21 Range. It is doesn't heat up, speedier, and supports the best of photography. Thanks for a educative video. May I request you to compare EXYNOS 2100 and SD 888 for us to facilitate buying...Good Luck
Ahmad Ilmam
Ahmad Ilmam 2 månader sedan
Chinese phones are taking over rn. You guys should just accept the fact.
Adham Awadien
Adham Awadien 2 månader sedan
Everyone: Dave is definitely sitting. Me an intellectual: the Chad was squatting the whole time what a legend.
Ian 2 månader sedan
I hope that android smartphones can optimize the switching of cameras like what Dave 2d said
ARCHY ALIVE 2 månader sedan
nice haircut bud
Roberto Villani
Roberto Villani 2 månader sedan
Toronto is truly a beautifull city i miss it. O yeah thanks 4 the video keep em comin!
Krisstofer C
Krisstofer C 2 månader sedan
Are u in Chicago? sorry, off topic.
Is Sy
Is Sy 2 månader sedan
Toronto, Canada.
Maverick Hunter K
Maverick Hunter K 2 månader sedan
It surprises me how honesy Qualcomm is with their branding. When they used to have huge bumps they went on a 200 increase. But ever since they've gotten stuck they've kept the 800 series as... well, 800.
Patrick Udom
Patrick Udom 2 månader sedan
If you could improve your video I recommend you to add more graphic and stuff because most of the video is just your face
Douby Jocelyn
Douby Jocelyn 2 månader sedan
How big is this compare to a note 10+. Cause my hand hurts using this note
Sebastian 2 månader sedan
I Have The Next Best Thing...My Absolutely Splendid Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S...
Sebastian 2 månader sedan
5:39...Literal Quick Unboxing...
Johann Nyam Hymore
Johann Nyam Hymore 2 månader sedan
Ugh. Camera talk...Sigh........ Boring as all Hell. Thats why people arent even cmenting on the phone here.
Aryan Goud
Aryan Goud 2 månader sedan
Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!
Mharcjoseph Tabora
Mharcjoseph Tabora 2 månader sedan
When is mi11t?
Sameer Ansari
Sameer Ansari 2 månader sedan
LEGENDS say he is sit-anding
Feng Guo
Feng Guo 2 månader sedan
oh, xiaomi was blacklisted due to this Phone?
Dominic Callaghan
Dominic Callaghan 2 månader sedan
I think you're reaching expecting more from a $620 phone. Xiaomi has gotta pitch what its clients want and just being in the conversation with the 12 is a success for them. The 888 is a 5g chip, which is something of interest as the new normal going forward I guess but as usual, we should see the full implementation of the features on higher end phones, (oneplus?). More competition in the chip market would be good but I'm not sure the public care more about innovation than price, they clearly don't care about charging bricks.
Sony F806
Sony F806 2 månader sedan
Hi Dave, a heads-up for your reviews of Xiaomi phones. You should have a look at their GPS accuracy, take it for a jog and see how accurate (or not) they are. You can use any free running app like Runkeeper or NRC to help you with this. I have a total of 3 Xiaomi phones and none of their GPS are accurate, reporting 3km when my Pixel reports 5km. New Xiaomi users may find out that their new phone cannot be depended upon to record their daily run correctly. Hope you can add this as a review vector for your future reviews.
adib afiq
adib afiq 2 månader sedan
Nobody: comment sections: dave sitting now wtffffff holy shitttt!!!!!
Burnt Reynolds
Burnt Reynolds 2 månader sedan
Dave has a voice that would make getting really bad news a bit more easier to accept.
Sharoon Javaid
Sharoon Javaid Månad sedan
You should listen to Jerry sometimes
Learn It
Learn It 2 månader sedan
the brand is blacklisted in the US
zomgneedaname 2 månader sedan
According to benchmarks on asian channels, the 888 is basically a flop. the 5nm fabrication by Samsung isn't even as mature as the previous generation, it basically lags the 865 in all areas, with the exception of single thread performance (but uses more power). So yes, skip with this generation of 888 phones.
Ricardo Ikari
Ricardo Ikari 2 månader sedan
unbox therapy 🤢
pravin murthy
pravin murthy 2 månader sedan
Adding on is SD888 runs supposedly much hotter than SD865!!.. I'm thinking I shoud retain my SD865 phone this year!..
Roni G
Roni G 2 månader sedan
I want to purchase this phone but money problem 😩
Mureed Nassif
Mureed Nassif 2 månader sedan
Screw this phone for $2000. I bought a Nokia 5.3 phone with an Android system with 64 G, 6.5 inch screen, 64g, expandable to 512G, for only $236 & free delivery from Amazon, with 2 years warranty. Don't spend $2000. I have over 50 games installed on my phone. Also has an Android system.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 12 dagar sedan
This phones isn't 2000$. It is 600$
Sean Relph
Sean Relph 2 månader sedan
Dude. Nobody wants these Chinese government spy devices. Why do you even review them?
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 12 dagar sedan
America spy devices
Lamia Farjana
Lamia Farjana 2 månader sedan
I still think it's gonna take more time for android phones to do that fluid switch between lenses like iPhone does
sunshine93 2 månader sedan
Will this lose access to the Google store too? This looks amazing :(
Osin Oz
Osin Oz 2 månader sedan
So good, scare the shit out of usa , now they are banning Xiaomi after Huawei.
Brent Amo
Brent Amo 2 månader sedan
Dave : I wish exynos 2100 would bo good Lisa su : Fine.....
Navhkrin 2 månader sedan
While i generally like Dave's reviews. I really dont like your phone reviews. You always tend to focus way too much on camera's. While you mention stuff like battery life and screen, i personally would prefer more in-depth analysis of screen and UI and gaming performance. I understand however that this is also partly due phone manufacturers are basically competing mainly at camera's and other stuff tends to be more or less the same. It would at the very least help greatly if you could time-segment parts of your review so I can listen to parts that i care about and skip the ones (camera) that i dont care.
Lizard King
Lizard King 2 månader sedan
urgh.. the radius of curvature of the panel doesn't match the radius of the body.. how can you fuck up something so basic like that?
wolf Melody
wolf Melody 2 månader sedan
Dave.....if you stand up u get a cookie
Savannakone PHOMMAVONGSA 2 månader sedan
well the US has now banned xiaomi 🙄 bcs they are so good phone and more affordable than Iphone
Tim Wallace
Tim Wallace 2 månader sedan
once xiaomi gets banned this wont be a great phone
eddie pearson
eddie pearson 2 månader sedan
I would love for Xiaomi hardware to come to the US
Leonardo Cabral
Leonardo Cabral 2 månader sedan
For some reason, despite the “flaws” in design you pointed out, it is the most appealing (to me) curved edge phone i’ve ever seen :3
teg\ 2 månader sedan
r u in hong kong lmao ?
SirVitiate 2 månader sedan
A lot of these missing features he expresses concerns about will probably be added in MIUI 12.5
Rui Gao
Rui Gao 2 månader sedan
Say hi from Toronto
Agga Viriyo
Agga Viriyo 2 månader sedan
"It's exclusive to Asia right now" Me, an Asian: _interesting_ but *N O P E*
Anthony Johnston
Anthony Johnston 2 månader sedan
Your house is insane. Please do a house tour
AmeliaBuns 2 månader sedan
I don't like xiaomi because of their software but if their foldable is good i'm insta buying one at 1000$
Hindi Tech News
Hindi Tech News 2 månader sedan
Xiaomi mi 11 is world's best Android smartphone. And you are saying this phone doesn't mean more 🙄🤣
Pedro Gomes Correia
Pedro Gomes Correia 2 månader sedan
Can I get a Xiaomi Mi 11 as a birthday gift please. I so much love that device support and contributions will be appreciated. Bitcoin: 1FnwFLoR7ggNqXfKHhrz5fWSg74EfaJjse
Alola 2 månader sedan
4600mah 55w fast charging 50w wireless charging 196g wow
elvis boakye
elvis boakye 2 månader sedan
We all have that macro right ✅
BaBa G
BaBa G 2 månader sedan
The Snapdragon 888 is actually the weakest part
Wischmopps 2 månader sedan
Chips can only do so much... If the optic and sensor are not much better, where should the chip get more information? Out of nowhere? Like CSI zoooooom in
Amal Nath
Amal Nath 2 månader sedan
Dave, oh yeah! That's what I thought when I looked at you.
valik viking
valik viking 2 månader sedan
Когда уже будет xiomi 200000000 и snap.....100000000000....
Ubaid Ullah
Ubaid Ullah 2 månader sedan
Specs are great but miui making it laggy
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar 2 månader sedan
When the adapter used to come in the box, if there is a phone blasting or burning while charging the company used to responsible, while now they sell charger separately at higher price and driving people to use generic adapter and if same thing will happen, they can always say .. oh, that's because of that generic adapter. And they say, the adapter is not needed as you already have one when in every generation of new phones, the charging rate is increases .... Who are they fooling? It is disgusting that there is no movement against such a wicked move.
Shiro Yukihira
Shiro Yukihira 2 månader sedan
i wanna see it plays Genshin Impact
JustDave 2 månader sedan
Well prepare to be blinded, people watching from a dark room with full brightness on...
Anthony Burgûs
Anthony Burgûs 2 månader sedan
Give away sir :)
Keven Wang
Keven Wang 2 månader sedan
Nice background
Teddy 2 månader sedan
It would be better if its chip is s865 lol
R Pitt
R Pitt 2 månader sedan
I'm on my second Xiaomi phone. I won't waste my money on Apple again.
Billy Boy
Billy Boy 2 månader sedan
Seems like an ok chip/phone but not great.
Kausalya Bhai
Kausalya Bhai 2 månader sedan
iPhone boy....no comments
Kausalya Bhai
Kausalya Bhai 2 månader sedan
iPhone boy....no comments
Krepaa 2 månader sedan
DOES IT HAVE USB 3.1??????????????
Marci Bai
Marci Bai 2 månader sedan
I've been with xiaomi my whole life
Amier Asyraf
Amier Asyraf 2 månader sedan
The cameras uggglly
George Huang
George Huang 2 månader sedan
I like Xiaomi!
Ravishankar Roy
Ravishankar Roy 2 månader sedan
BOYCOTT CHAINA.. BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS.. 🙏 Chinese phones dangerous for your personal data.. please stop buying Chinese phones
Avieshek 2 månader sedan
*Under-screen Heart Rate Sensor?* Damn… This is underrated just like their Ceramic Body and probably get newsroom only when Apple does it.
Moegamat Ismail Lewis
Moegamat Ismail Lewis 2 månader sedan
Loving the view D2d
Em ey
Em ey 2 månader sedan
Sadly sd 888 overheats
Leon C
Leon C 2 månader sedan
its also probably it has a 2k 120fps, 900 nit max brightness oled, but that probably doesnt make a difference on battery life
ROC 2 månader sedan
Careful it can leak ur info to the CCP...
symbolsandsystems 2 månader sedan
which phone are made in Taiwan? I don't want to buy from the CCP.
Devid Devid
Devid Devid 2 månader sedan
lucky number 888
Onédio Chissano
Onédio Chissano 2 månader sedan
Ok... So... I'm waiting your review on S21 Ultra... I'll see you next time...
Linux Tuxfriend
Linux Tuxfriend 2 månader sedan
Now I'm even more curious about the new Exynoses. ;-)
Vincent Mosehla
Vincent Mosehla 2 månader sedan
The Best, straight forward reviews
Giuseppe Sanzone
Giuseppe Sanzone 2 månader sedan
Really we are talking about the effect on transitions on camera while on apple products 100c on chip is like a plus??? God the fanboy this ages. Sadly i was a fan
TDATA 2 månader sedan
I think I prefer the offset hole punch.
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