The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition! 

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AMD Surface Laptop 4 Review (13.5") compared against the Apple M1 MacBook Pro and Air
Available Here: amzn.to/2QHfBsc
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20 apr 2021



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Dave2D 23 dagar sedan
The 13.5" Surface Laptop is FINALLY competitive this year. The AMD base model is pretty good value and has great battery life.
BSacc s
BSacc s 3 timmar sedan
I'm not an apple fanboy but man you are so off the mark when you say that surface laptops compete with the M1 in terms of performance. The M1 destroys desktop X86 cpus in. There are countless reviews on youtube from both windows and mac reviewers showing this. Maybe for the average person who doesn't edit video, or do any type of cpu intensive work you could say they are competitive but that's about it. The macbook air is also fanless, dead silent, runs cool, and as you even admit has a significantly better battery life. Next year's surface 5 should be much better when it comes out based on Qualcom's latest and greatest. It's now an arms race and both intel and AMD have some major catching up to do.
Benjamin Oldenburg
Benjamin Oldenburg 11 dagar sedan
No, it's not....
Linus 15 dagar sedan
@Jas Bataille what would you recommend instead? It seems like dell xps is trash. So many are getting faulty laptops.
Jas Bataille
Jas Bataille 15 dagar sedan
In thermals tests, the Surface Laptop gets shredded. No, thank you.
Evil X
Evil X 15 dagar sedan
I guess the one thing they do have on top is the fact that it's touch screen. I'd prob still go for a macbook for that kind of laptop personally, as someone who uses both Windows and MacOS regularly. but for someone that is looking for a windows device, it seems quite a bit better than the last year's model. which is nice, I can now recommend them over some other competitor even in the windows market.
Max Max Max
Max Max Max Dag sedan
@Dave, any thoughts on surface pro 7+ and in comparison to M1 air.
Ravi Peiris
Ravi Peiris 2 dagar sedan
I just clicked the Amazon link and saw that the Surface is going for $4500.00 USD. Bullshit! I make more than anyone else here on SElosk and I wouldn't spend that kind of money. I look for value, value, value! Ravi Peiris M.D.
Op Con
Op Con 2 dagar sedan
M1 MacBook Air is a beast
Rich Mulholland
Rich Mulholland 3 dagar sedan
It amazes me that we care about anything at all greater than eight hours battery.
Anne Fitzpatrick
Anne Fitzpatrick 3 dagar sedan
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Mag L
Mag L 3 dagar sedan
I'm watching this after buying one a few days ago
Armaan Sandhu
Armaan Sandhu 3 dagar sedan
Actually max tech did a review about the surface laptop and compared it to an m1 mba and it lost by alot
Get rid of A's They are bad
Dave please do a review on the Alienware m15 r5 you are my favorite reviewer but I need this please
Niv Lev-Ari
Niv Lev-Ari 4 dagar sedan
usually I really love your videos but this one is kinda weird and i'll explain: first of all you say you don't want to compare performance via benchmarks but you do so to compare between the surface laptops and lets be honest we all know that in benchmarks and real life usage the mac will probably win against the highest configuration surface that costs double the price. second the macs gives the same performance across all configs third the build quality of the mac is superior so in conclusion you are saying that you will recommend to get a surface to a person who doesn't care about the OS although it is inferior to the mac and cost more???? (inferior in regards of battery life, performance,speakers,camera,mics and build quality) put those things a side i really love your channel and i think you are great! keep on making superb reviews and recommend honestly always :) x
keshav sakthi
keshav sakthi 4 dagar sedan
I have the surface laptop too and the microsoft honeymoon was great but it still isn't up there. MacBook airs are still the gold standard for entry level ultrabooks for me.
Shadab Siddiqui
Shadab Siddiqui 5 dagar sedan
I want windows 10 as smooth and easy as mac os😭
Mehedi Ahmed
Mehedi Ahmed 5 dagar sedan
thanks for this video. Really useful
liteand fluffy
liteand fluffy 5 dagar sedan
Thanks for keeping your reviews mostly short, it's appreciated.
Gray Cheng
Gray Cheng 5 dagar sedan
Waiting for your "Buying in a MacBook in 2021" video 😂😂
Muhammed Jasir
Muhammed Jasir 5 dagar sedan
Iqoo 🤦🤦
woojoo666 5 dagar sedan
wait so the M1 Macbook is as good or better than the Surface Laptop 4 in all areas, but he still recommends the Surface Laptop 4 over the M1?
Kongo TIMES 5 dagar sedan
This is a shameful review. The Surface Laptop 👎 doesn't even come closer to the power and performance of the M1 MacBooks 13" - Air and Pro -, check some real test done around and you'll quickly understand it. Don't buy it. If you wanna waste your money and then regret it later... go ahead !
Evan Rodgers
Evan Rodgers 7 dagar sedan
no it isn’t competition unless your work hates you.
Dogus Sahinoglu
Dogus Sahinoglu 7 dagar sedan
Still 256gb storage option. This is a laptop not a mobile phone!
SolaNot ThePornstar
SolaNot ThePornstar 7 dagar sedan
In terms of fluidity, will the x86 surpass arm?
Dustbin Saves you
X86 is a much older and slower developing architecture than ARM, both of them are just as capable but ARM is definitely surpassing x86 in all areas except desktop grade chips (even that is excluding apple silicon which is so good)
Eli Miller-Buza
Eli Miller-Buza 7 dagar sedan
one of the problems with reparability that i found is that none of the parts seem to be available anywhere even for the laptop 3
Sahadat M Sayem
Sahadat M Sayem 7 dagar sedan
Please review Samsung galaxy pro and post 360
Seo seo
Seo seo 8 dagar sedan
This surface laptop in not even 10% closer to M1😂😂.. I've been using the M1 for quite a while now and my friend with the surface laptop is just tired with that shit.
Mohammad Heyatzadeh
Mohammad Heyatzadeh 8 dagar sedan
20 hours vs 11 hours, how’s that a competition?! Plus Microsoft lying to our face? Thumbs down!
Dustbin Saves you
20 hours is what apple claims and 11 hours is what microsoft gets, you're the one rigging it lmao. The actual results were 13 hours on macbook pro and 11 hours on sl4, did you even watch the video?
Conor Hoary
Conor Hoary 8 dagar sedan
I think those are great battery life’s but I wish they(Laptop manufactures in general) gave more realistic numbers. I have had to explain to a lot of average Joe’s why the battery number isn’t worth paying attention to, or should at least be halted. These people aren’t going to know/bother to drop power settings and it may be a significant reason they bought the thing. Especially with the the crap Microsoft is pulling from your tests, even I don’t even know if they can reach what they say.
Wayan Makasii
Wayan Makasii 8 dagar sedan
how do you want to compete against a M1 macbook with a windows surface? they are so different in so many ways. it's like comparing bacon with an avocado...
James Green
James Green 8 dagar sedan
Those who like more performance for less money the M1 MacBook Air outperforms both of the two Surfaces shown here. Yes, the Surfaces are comparative to the Air but on the slow side. Those who want to do productivity on the go without being plugged, both Surfaces drop their performance significantly so I wouldn’t call them comparative to M1 anymore for everybody knows that Macs, plugged or unplugged perform the same.
herold mutebi
herold mutebi 8 dagar sedan
What's the heating like?
Bart Allen
Bart Allen 9 dagar sedan
Dell xps and Mac Book Pro M1 What should i choose for?
Ry Telford
Ry Telford 9 dagar sedan
Getting this for sure. I can get 10% off plus trade in my surface pro 6 and get the base model for only 400. Cheers, Dave
Chirag 9 dagar sedan
256GB storage. On a 999$ laptop.
Go to Gulag
Go to Gulag 9 dagar sedan
Those bezels are like 2017 bezels
Dustbin Saves you
They could have made them smaller like they did in the surface laptop go but for some reason they still didn't??
vic placido
vic placido 9 dagar sedan
I’m still waiting on the new mbp’s.
C R 9 dagar sedan
Why are we still talking about 256Gb SSDs?
WhipERJuste 9 dagar sedan
Hopefully MS will provide spares like rubber feet...
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 10 dagar sedan
Besides the M1 MacBook Air, what other laptops should I look at? Just a casual user. Only really run Spotify in the background while surfing the web.
DY JK 10 dagar sedan
this or ipad pro?
Hoodly Twokeys
Hoodly Twokeys 10 dagar sedan
Dave, you're being very polite in this video with your "they're lying in their marketing BUT i dOn'T cArE". Grow a pair and call them on their shit. Edit: I dunno, but maybe you're worried because they might be sending you "free review samples"? If so, you've got 3M+ subs & almost a million views on this video alone. You're not someone they can screw with without major PR backlash.
Jimmy Arcanum
Jimmy Arcanum 10 dagar sedan
Don't most people use laptops connected to the powergrid?
Starlesslemon 10 dagar sedan
If you're a windows user, it definitely is pretty easy to ignore the new Macs lmao.
Detonate Klubstompers
Detonate Klubstompers 11 dagar sedan
Blue color for Intel, who would have thunk?
terence w
terence w 11 dagar sedan
19 hrs... what else did they lie about tho? 🤔
giaccomusic 11 dagar sedan
what about the surface book 4?coming out or not?
Dustbin Saves you
They come out every 2 years, 2022
fobudomh 11 dagar sedan
I like this colour of your watch.
Killer Thoughts
Killer Thoughts 12 dagar sedan
Those bezels suck
Depth Of Shine
Depth Of Shine 12 dagar sedan
Can you edit videos on the new i5 versions?
Chaminda Prasad
Chaminda Prasad 12 dagar sedan
Microsoft ❤
Akash Hansda
Akash Hansda 12 dagar sedan
Dave can recommend this. 🍫
Just Chilling
Just Chilling 12 dagar sedan
something Dave forgot to mention was that the performance is only similar WHEN PLUGGED IN, while the m1s have the same performance when on battery power.
Andreas Ulrich
Andreas Ulrich 12 dagar sedan
Performance unplugged? Much worse than plugged in.
Michael Amsden
Michael Amsden 12 dagar sedan
I am looking for a laptop for college, does anyone have any suggestions?
cpufrost 12 dagar sedan
No thunderbolt! Dealbreaker right there.
percyvael 12 dagar sedan
AyyMD > shintel
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee 13 dagar sedan
Hey Dave, could you try to get your hands on these products and review them? --- the HP spectre x360 14 , Lenovo Slim 7 Pro (with AMD 5000) and the 2021 Inspiron 16 plus.
Mazen Hawwa
Mazen Hawwa 13 dagar sedan
Hi Dave. Great review. If the only game I run is Civ 6. Which chip I should get for the 13.5" and 15". Appreciate your advice
Sophorn Tech
Sophorn Tech 13 dagar sedan
I love what Microsoft offer, but the design of these new Surface laptop feel outdated compare to MacBook 😢
Alex Tunstall
Alex Tunstall 13 dagar sedan
I don't think it was covered, unless I wasn't paying attention, but does the performance on the surface laptops throttle when disconnected from the charger? That's always been my concern with windows devices historically is that as soon as the charger is off they don't want to give max performance
rocheuro 13 dagar sedan
huawei matebook 13 had it all back 2 years ago with 13 inch version 150mx graphic (later 250mx) and I have 3700 3Dmark 11 score. saaaad.
Ekizel 13 dagar sedan
Thumbs if you liked it. subs if you loved it. It’s been niceeee
Solitary Pawn
Solitary Pawn 13 dagar sedan
I looked them up. Microsoft does not give you many choices. What is I want a 13.5” laptop with 16GB of memory (Ram), and 1 TB of hard drive? Can I get it? Nooooo. But, can I order a Mac with those specifications? Yeeeeeesss. Case closed.
Justin Powell
Justin Powell 13 dagar sedan
Love Apple products. I have an iPad Pro, iPhone 11, AirPod Pros, and the Apple watch. However, I just bought the surface 4 because i need to run Windows for work. I work in finance and Mac just isn’t compatible with most of the business software I deal with, and not supported by our IT dept. Wish it wasn’t that way, but here we are. That being said, the surface laptop 4 is a very nice machine for $1000. It was between this and the dell XPS 13, which was more expensive for comparable performance of the AMD version of the Surface 4. Very happy with my choice.
Entrepreneur promise
Entrepreneur promise 13 dagar sedan
You made me confused dave 😅, what should i buy, i was planning to buy the mac for 2 months, now you will change my mind, please tell me? ❤
Darrell Young
Darrell Young 13 dagar sedan
Uh, in addition to the extra-long battery life on the MacBook, you failed to mention that the M1 MacBook SMOKES either Surface tablet in processing power. Why didn't you include the M1 MacBook in your charts? It would have been quite embarrassing for Microsoft. And think of this: The Surface laptop is one of Microsoft's top-end ultrabook laptops, where the M1 MacBook is totally an entry-level product (wait 'til the M1X and M2 SOC appear later this year). I feel that this review is biased toward Microsoft, sort of similar to these ridiculous commercials Microsoft and Intel are airing that carefully fail to compare processing power in any way. Additionally, where's the MacBook cooling fan noise?
Joschka Capone
Joschka Capone 13 dagar sedan
I think we are at a point where we need to consider servicabiltiy and repairability as well. The devices deliver on all fronts but these, which considering climate change is a slap in the face of... well everybody.
Anne Frank
Anne Frank 13 dagar sedan
The most interesting question is does the M1 run 64 bit programs? Its doesnt make any sense if no program runs on it.
Ell Pino
Ell Pino 13 dagar sedan
why is the intel version more expensive, are they out of touch with the current state of CPUs?, 20% higher cost on the i7 vs ryzen 7 & ryzen 5 vs i5 makes no sense, they aren't a gaming laptop, so why would you want to pay more for worse performance, worse battery life and worse temps
Dynamesx 14 dagar sedan
You forgot the touchscreen
Nick Gunnare
Nick Gunnare 14 dagar sedan
Can the surface laptop keep up at all with the MacBook when it's unplugged?
Howard Lee
Howard Lee 14 dagar sedan
I'm glad Dave didn't go into technical detail comparing to macbook. Graphic processing on these M1 is 3x better. I don't know how Intel or AMD can compete in the future.
William Su
William Su 14 dagar sedan
i hate how microsoft refuses to make AMD laptops that dont use the latest chips~ While there is AMD shortage the 5000 series chips are making it to all sorts of devices, if they did wanna hit the 19-20 hour battery life maybe they should have waited to put the 5000 series chips in~
Vidyasagar 14 dagar sedan
MacBook is much better than windows, Microsoft is shit
Ron levin
Ron levin 14 dagar sedan
I see that battery in surface 4 is glued as well to the case, that same as MacBook, or I'm wrong ?
Giotube 14 dagar sedan
Kelsey Schellinger
Kelsey Schellinger 14 dagar sedan
Whether you like or hate Apple they finally forced Intel and AMD to bring their A game in the laptop market.
shahab shafiee
shahab shafiee 14 dagar sedan
how about some footage and photos instead of a lot of talking?
100092陳昱全 14 dagar sedan
What is the game in 1:58
Jul1an 14 dagar sedan
Jason Gindi
Jason Gindi 14 dagar sedan
Not seeing at all how you chose Surface. Mac beat it in every test…
ParAs ThApa
ParAs ThApa 14 dagar sedan
Guys, I’m really confused between the surface 4 laptop and surface pro 7. I’ll be mostly dealing with VM, windows server and basic cloud computing.
Rekt YT
Rekt YT 14 dagar sedan
I’m disappointed that anyone would consider a *surface pro* over a MacBook Pro...
Jack 14 dagar sedan
Dave, Absolutely love your videos but could you give an update to your comparison based on MaxTechs review? His video breaks down the benchmarks (with and without chargers) as well as real world performance. It appears by every objective measure, the M1 MacBook Air is superior. Additionally with parallels 16.5, users now have the option to use windows simultaneously with macOS and still get better performance (granted some things such as battlenet through parallels doesn’t work as of now but will get better with time). I have linked both videos below for ease of reference. Surface Laptop 4 vs M1 MacBook Air selosk.info/class/video/ba6FuX-bv3qap2A.html Parallels 16.5 selosk.info/class/video/pouXs3GWl4SZpYk.html
Victor 14 dagar sedan
so... it sucks in comparison with the M1... they did not even try to use an ARM processor... what a Joke.
dolita windo
dolita windo 14 dagar sedan
your videos are so clean. it has no useless background music 😂
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 6 dagar sedan
Yeah. Annoying background music always turns me away from videos.
Senna 14 dagar sedan
A 13 inch windows laptop with the new amd ryzen 5000 series chipset can beat a apple M1 with battery life and performance.
Mikayel Hovhannés
Mikayel Hovhannés 14 dagar sedan
“The performance is similar” Oh yea cuz the surface laptop has snappy animations, wakes up the millisecond you open the lid, has a better web preference than the Mac Pro ext. Yes the “similar” performance especially when it goes to thermals
dolita windo
dolita windo 14 dagar sedan
"AMD is the base model" That's exactly where AMD belongs.
Altix 14 dagar sedan
First time watching your channel and just want to make an observation. You noted that the MacBook has an achievable battery life of 20 hours and decided it has a useable life of 13 hours. That's fair. Then you noted that you couldn't even achieve the claimed 19hrs for the surface. You managed to get 14hrs on the lowest power settings, but still gave it a useful life of 11hrs and called it competitive. I'm not sure about that.
SteevoSteelo 15 dagar sedan
Great review like always BUT even better that light grey G-Shock watch on the wrist. What model is it?
J4N 15 dagar sedan
What about the surface laptop versus Dell XPS ones?
Akshay M
Akshay M 15 dagar sedan
Is surface laptop a convertible??
Teja teja
Teja teja 15 dagar sedan
Shopping website link please
MistyMu 15 dagar sedan
There is still a benefit of the M1 Mac. On battery power the Mac can go full performance. Whereas the Surface will throttle performance on battery power even with the best performance option enabled. And people can’t even use the Macs are overpriced thing.
123abc 15 dagar sedan
I see quoted battery life times and I get no where near that level. I can use up my M1 Macbook Air battery in 4-5 hours of normal use, better than 2-3 hours of my 10 year old macbook pro but not the 15-20 hours claimed.
David Schwab
David Schwab 15 dagar sedan
What a joke of a comparison. Sure don’t do any benchmarks because the M1 will smoke both of them! Lol selosk.info/class/video/ba6FuX-bv3qap2A.html
ReaperStriker184 15 dagar sedan
amd burgundy surface laptop 4
Hakan Yucel
Hakan Yucel 15 dagar sedan
What ever they say cutting that in half in real life using
Jas Bataille
Jas Bataille 15 dagar sedan
Max Tech benchmarks tell us the AMD graphics performance are really bad... you say it's really good... *can we see actual gameplay*? The M1 can handle light-gaming just fine!
PKPNYT47 16 dagar sedan
Both are disposable and almost impossible to repair or replace parts. A hard pass on both.
slappyrats 16 dagar sedan
I tried the Intel Xe graphics on an HP Envy x360 i7 and it couldn't even play Overwatch at 60 fps 800x600 and the lowest graphics settings. But I see that Intel Xe is good so what gives?
connor leisz
connor leisz 16 dagar sedan
Yeah idk how you can recommend surface over M1 at the moment. Only if windows is required for your work flow. Solid product but the m1 Air is still the king!
Skye Diann
Skye Diann 16 dagar sedan
"AMD is the base model" That's exactly where AMD belongs.
Jas Bataille
Jas Bataille 15 dagar sedan
Not really? AMD stole Intel's market for desktops and it's been like 3 years, plus their integrated graphics are waaaaaaay better. I'm still a RISC-based chip type of developer, so I'd go with the M1, but if you have more general use, the Surface is nice.
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