The Invisible Phone Camera 

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Samsung Galaxy Phones and Apple iPhones will have this tech in the near future. Is it worth it to you?
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21 dec 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Dave2D 3 månader sedan
Would you swap out your existing front facing camera for this? Does the worse image quality matter to you?
Lizzy Bach
Lizzy Bach 15 dagar sedan
Yes, I practically never use the front camera
dcobbism 18 dagar sedan
No, I actually prefer my OnePlus 7Pro's motorized camera as I never use it and prefer having a perfect screen. However if this tech was perfected, well then of course I would
Anuj Gangwar
Anuj Gangwar 27 dagar sedan
Yes. Without a doubt.
Carl Wyckoff
Carl Wyckoff 2 månader sedan
I personally wouldn't swap my setup because of my pop up on my oneplus 7 pro which I love, that's personally my favorite style of camera but I know that of course things can break in motorized cameras, but it's a risk I'll take especially on a OnePlus phone, I trust their pop up tech to not break by the time I upgrade
jacob abraham
jacob abraham 3 månader sedan
dcobbism 18 dagar sedan
Dave, didn't you have a OnePlus 7Pro before the 8? I'm still rocking it and love it for the beautiful no notch screen. But then I never use a FFC
Garrett Lynn
Garrett Lynn 23 dagar sedan
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JeskeR 28 dagar sedan
ZTE again makes new features at first! They also were first with no-besel displays
JeikoNYAN Månad sedan
This would be the best case scenario if it didn't degrade screen quality. I Have one plus 7 pro with a pop out camera and i love it. Screen doesn't suffer because of it and those 2-3 times per year when i need selfie camera it works great.
Edith Edith
Edith Edith Månad sedan
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Vedant Shinde TMHD06
What is that wallpapet...need that
Francesco M
Francesco M 2 månader sedan
meanwhile, apple proudly shows off iphone 12's "iconic" mega-notch
Vaibhav Nargeta
Vaibhav Nargeta 2 månader sedan
Is there any problem in sharing your teal wallpaper?
Neil 2 månader sedan
I personally dont get why people dislike the hole punch at all and until this tech allows for cameras to be as good as they currently are, I dont care about it.
itsYaboiiSon 2 månader sedan
When do you think Samsung will add this camera in their phones?
Millevenon 585
Millevenon 585 2 månader sedan
That means companies can spy on you without you knowing. This is not good
SpectralGamer345 2 månader sedan
iPhone 13
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 2 månader sedan
6:02, That's a huge chin at the bottom of the screen, count me out.
Stanley Perez
Stanley Perez 2 månader sedan
they getting there almost
Cookieee 2 månader sedan
damn that selfie was kinda hot ngl ♡_♡
Karan Amin
Karan Amin 2 månader sedan
its funny how it has some biggggg chin still
Paulo Victor
Paulo Victor 2 månader sedan
3:27 well it has quality enough for me to see that you haven't shaved your beard in the neck properly, so I would say is descent quality heheheh
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni 2 månader sedan
Me watching this on my Samsung j3: finally!
saultube44 2 månader sedan
That would be ideal, mainly I want a 7", Square Corners, screen Smartphone to read books, articles, documents etc. Try ReadEra (free version): Landscape, Sepia Contrast Theme and check if it's OK to read comfortably. I care for taking crystal clear close ups, like book pages, business cards, documents, small font letters on products, small or fuzzy QR Codes, and so on, on both side cameras
Semi Star
Semi Star 2 månader sedan
This tech is scary, imagine it used for other devices to stalk on ppl
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz 2 månader sedan
I wouldn't because I have a slider and that's fine, but if I only had a choice between this and a notch I'd choose this.
Onédio Chissano
Onédio Chissano 2 månader sedan
Alright... So... I love your videos... I'll see you next time... 🤙🤙🤙
RrrrrrrXXX 2 månader sedan
Laughing with my OP7 pro...
Gary Z
Gary Z 2 månader sedan
I'd have to see the phone up close but, yeah, I'd probably choose an under screen front facing camera than a hole in my screen. It looks really bad when you're looking at headshots. Sometimes the hole appears on the forehead and it looks really bad. I wish Samsung put the hole where they had it on the S10.
Salokin 2 månader sedan
I think this technology is really exciting and really promising. I can see issues like the lower rez screen over the camera getting fixed in the future alongside other minor problems, but the promise is there and it can only get better from here.
iMikeTech 3 månader sedan
Would switch right away. I’m not big on the selfie camera and stuff. So to essentially have my entire screen unobstructed, I’m in!
Gallifrey Falls No More
Gallifrey Falls No More 3 månader sedan
Yes for 50 Bucks absolutely but it would need to do all the thinks my S10 ultimate does as well!
Hritvik Patel
Hritvik Patel 3 månader sedan
Why do you have so many Dua Lipa recommended videos on your SElosk app? xD
TELEVISIBLE 3 månader sedan
I only use front facing camera for video call , the quality is good enough for me
Abhi Raj
Abhi Raj 3 månader sedan
ME TO MOBILE MAKERS: You removed basal diplay ; Then u removed a circular notch ; Now u have invisiblized a camera; NOW U WILL MAKE THE PHONES BACKSIDE INVISIBLE 😑
Prajna Declan Leung
Prajna Declan Leung 3 månader sedan
hi!does anybody here know the current price point on 2021 for oneplus 7 pro and where is the optimal place to buy it? have been looking for it for a few days now and the price is somewhat not that good.
max buzz
max buzz 3 månader sedan
Cool camera but with specs of nokia 3110
Dewan Md Rashed Khan
Dewan Md Rashed Khan 3 månader sedan
I would, i would love to
Potato Seed
Potato Seed 3 månader sedan
would definitely do it, my phone is 4 years old now lol
Aous Gaming
Aous Gaming 3 månader sedan
Let’s face it .... you still didn’t finish the video ._.
worldwidehappiness 3 månader sedan
Need good front camera and mic for Instagram videos etc.
darieee 3 månader sedan
ye nah - not yet at least have the hybrid area be circular ..
davemcy 3 månader sedan
Yes I would too :)
Ken Law
Ken Law 3 månader sedan
I will do it
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 månader sedan
still on iPhone5s 😩😂🤪
Sack Boy
Sack Boy 3 månader sedan
I'd love to pay for this on my galaxy s10e.
tom eng
tom eng 3 månader sedan
And now during the pandemic, don't you think people use the camera to make video calls !? I one of those who use it all the time in WhatsApp.
antonio 3 månader sedan
I need those light beams What they called?
aksh296 3 månader sedan
I personally wont switch my phone just for this ,as i have only a tiny hole punch on my phone screen ,if I had a big iphone type notch then i would think of switching ......also it's best to wait for a couple of generations....before switching to these kinda phones. selfies is still a thing amoung social people , maybe not so much between us nerds who watch dave2d :D
Mr Magoo
Mr Magoo 3 månader sedan
Its good enough, just add ios to it.
OZZY Guilty
OZZY Guilty 3 månader sedan
this is what we was loking for
PMASPHX 3 månader sedan
still its better than 2 trillion dollar company with big iphone notch
GaBIT 3 månader sedan
I guess most people would switch to this. I didn't upgrade my s9+ because I hate notches and hole punches. and I need water resistance, something that pop-ups don't provide.
RYG 3 månader sedan
Yes, and if need 50$-80$ yes but only over snapdragon 8 series phone or newer and equivalent
carlosfer2201 3 månader sedan
I'm perfectly happy with my Zenfone 6 flip camera. The only downside is that it's not waterproof.
a b
a b 3 månader sedan
If the under-display cameras become invisible, they might put it in the middle of the display that way my slefie wouldnt be so distorted
Rohit Seth
Rohit Seth 3 månader sedan
What's your watch model number? G-Shock DW-5600xxxx?
iDaMelon 3 månader sedan
I've always wondered why Samsung doesn't invest more into doing this on their phones
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 3 månader sedan
I think cell phone manufacturers have run out of ideas ever since they created 4G and now they are desperate focusing on silly gimmicks to get a sale. I haven't been impressed by a smartphone since I bought my first 4G HTC Thunderbolt.
Sina Madani
Sina Madani 3 månader sedan
I'm indifferent; it would be cooler if it wasn't obvious that the camera is there, otherwise having a hole punch (and the hole not FEELING different when you touch it) is absolutely fine. In the future if the screen is fully uniform (even where the camera is) and the parts which were covering the camera could be turned off, then it'd be a worthwhile bonus I suppose.
Anton DP
Anton DP 3 månader sedan
I wouldn't do it, I'm totally satisfied with my OnePlus 7 pro. No notches, no punch holes here!
Vimal Ramachandran
Vimal Ramachandran 3 månader sedan
Coming to iPhones in 2030.
Andy Chamberlain Music
Andy Chamberlain Music 3 månader sedan
its cool but when I think about the possibilities for spying it becomes very scary
Brian Sikhira
Brian Sikhira 3 månader sedan
You gotta love how minimalistic hommie is. Big up😊
Sajith Channadathu
Sajith Channadathu 3 månader sedan
Nope , a bezel or a notch to get better image quality is welcome .... who ares if there is a notch
Monarch 3 månader sedan
He doesn't take selfie he doesnt even call anyone. Dave2d is a alien
Sololist Yu
Sololist Yu 3 månader sedan
Oppd already has it
Mark Boldariev
Mark Boldariev 3 månader sedan
waiting next five years. when apple bring it to the iphones
Mark Boldariev
Mark Boldariev 3 månader sedan
it’s not like very expensive technology though. just low resolution square.
Grindeks Lietuva
Grindeks Lietuva 3 månader sedan
only it was full bezelless it worth it, why does it have huge side and chin bezels is beyond me
milkey way
milkey way 3 månader sedan
I would totally buy phone like this in the future with more advancement. I've been wanting a phone with invisible front camera. I don't care about shitty image quality, i only use it as mirror anyway
kilic20 3 månader sedan
of course I would do it! camera under screen for the win!!
Alistair Blaire
Alistair Blaire 3 månader sedan
I am a huge fan of the pop-up camera on my OP7P, and I think it's a huge shame that the industry doesn't want to adopt it. That said, it's pretty impressive that the under-screen camera exists and it's fairly exciting that the tech will only improve. There is so much potential.
Omar Craviotto
Omar Craviotto 3 månader sedan
I agree with you, it is totally worth it. Most people do not use the front-facing camera a lot, so having slightly less performance for the aestetics of having a full screen , is a no brainer.
Paolo Manzini
Paolo Manzini 3 månader sedan
Bottom bezel is still there, so why not putting lens in it, reversing the device upside down like Pixel 4XL? Why does people are obsessed with no-bezel desing but buy phones with empty bottom bezels and holes in the screen? It's a nonsense.
English Muffin
English Muffin 3 månader sedan
This way to hide the camera makes the most sense.
E Lee
E Lee 3 månader sedan
the telescreen is finally here boys and girls
Farheen Ahmad
Farheen Ahmad 3 månader sedan
Why don’t they make smaller phones? Cant handle these brick sizes.. any upcoming tiny budget phone in 2021??
Monarch 3 månader sedan
Best is iphone 12mini. But wait for 2yr for it to become budget
Gergő Kovács
Gergő Kovács 3 månader sedan
Honestly, I'd love to know if how many people actually use the selfie camera on the daily... to me it's just about the most unnecessary feature in a phone lol
tom eng
tom eng 2 månader sedan
@⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ Use laptop in car or in city or in supermarket ! you are moron.
⃠ dog toy vs ƃuᴉɯɐƃ ɹǝʇdɯɐɥ
@tom eng Use laptop
tom eng
tom eng 3 månader sedan
And now during the pandemic, don't you think people use the camera to make video calls !? I one of those who use it all the time in WhatsApp.
Virus Alert
Virus Alert 3 månader sedan
I think OPPO first
Spastek 3 månader sedan
I almost NEVER use the front facing camera. I honestly wouldn't mind then just getting rid of it entirely. When I do use it, it's usually a video call which is compresses anyway and the quality is kind of crappy so yeah, under screen is fine with me.
L.V. Legit
L.V. Legit 3 månader sedan
I would switch to this tech to sacrifice front cam quality
João Eduardo Lira
João Eduardo Lira 3 månader sedan
As long as the Phone is sold with the battery charger, I'm down!!! I was hopping for this tecnology hits the market a very long time...
Nature Reporter
Nature Reporter 3 månader sedan
Take my 50$! Oh wait, I have an iPhone. That will be 499$!
ankit biswal
ankit biswal 3 månader sedan
Honestly i use selfie cam probably once or twice a year. Ill be fine without it....
Whipko 3 månader sedan
Well, year and a half later, still laughing on my mi 9 t pro.
Marc Guima
Marc Guima 3 månader sedan
I am sure that apple 🍎 will steal it buying the panels to put on their phones.
woofinu 3 månader sedan
Yes I would for $50. I am OK with a Samsung-style hole punch but the Apple notch is too much.
sourabh vishwakarma
sourabh vishwakarma 3 månader sedan
Ian Rumsey
Ian Rumsey 3 månader sedan
Swap my Xs notch for this for $50? Immediately where do I sign?
c4pt41nn3m0 3 månader sedan
I would love to see your videos to be shot/edited in wide-screen resolution. It doesn't need to be that wide, but it is just that nicer to watch. Like if you think so too
Harsh Rawat
Harsh Rawat 3 månader sedan
Why you removed S21 video?
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 3 månader sedan
Some issue, that video had no audio
Reyan Mujawar
Reyan Mujawar 3 månader sedan
How many of you guys saw the Samsung S21 video notification pop-up in your notification bar?😂😂😂😂
Ela Nesh
Ela Nesh 3 månader sedan
I did
Thomson sunil
Thomson sunil 3 månader sedan
No audio.. Samsung video 😜
Thomson sunil
Thomson sunil 3 månader sedan
@UnclePeepo yaeh i noticed
UnclePeepo 3 månader sedan
It got removed
UnclePeepo 3 månader sedan
DId he just remove the s21 video he released?
Vikum Semage
Vikum Semage 3 månader sedan
yep. I still have the tab saved so im watching it without audio lol
Mohit Akar
Mohit Akar 3 månader sedan
Hi Dev, Can you please tell me which launcher, icon pack and wallpaper you use in you mr phones in every video or you flash them to custom ROM
aakash jeph
aakash jeph 3 månader sedan
Please do a review of Lenovo Ideapad Slim 5i
Connor B
Connor B 3 månader sedan
$50? No. Free? Yes.
محمد الغيثلي
محمد الغيثلي 3 månader sedan
THE LADY OF HEAVEN Trailer: Learn about the story of the Lady of genuine Islam, Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and the wife of the guardian Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon her and her father and her hubby and her sons the imams of Muslims, the first persecuted and her Shiites until now by her hypocritical enemies Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha, the ancestors of the terrorists ISIS.. selosk.info/class/video/Z4KSpnmIlp6DvX0.html
arif qasimi
arif qasimi 3 månader sedan
What's the best gaming laptop I can get in $2000?
Jairens Immanuel Tewal
Jairens Immanuel Tewal 3 månader sedan
my brain’s kinda stuck when thinking he’s been standing all this time 🧠
Jagan 3 månader sedan
2008: people make phone call with phone 2020: people make phone calls on a phone!??!!
Kimo Kalihi
Kimo Kalihi 3 månader sedan
Hopefully it gets a lot better. If you can still see it, and it looks like you can, easily. What's the point? Rather have a hole punch with way better image quality. That's quite blurry in video and photos. Not worth it unless it gets significantly better.
Renjie Cai
Renjie Cai 3 månader sedan
I would, even with $100 extra. Waiting for Xiaomi Mix4.
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