The Gaming Laptop Trap 

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Review of the Acer Triton 300 SE, Asus Dash F15 and the MSI Stealth 15M performance using the Intel H35 chips. As well as a discussion of Intel vs AMD gaming laptops right now.
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30 jan 2021



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Dave2D 2 månader sedan
Intel's gaming laptop stuff ain't it right now
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle 3 dagar sedan
@Melchizedek V those last two I’m a different league than the first. If that’s really your short list I’d say you can at least drop the first two. Personally I think the tuff is best, but I’ve done very little research into it
Melchizedek V
Melchizedek V 3 dagar sedan
What if I had to choose between asus rog zephyrus g14 ryzen 7 4800hs rtx 1650 asus rog zephyrus g14 ryzen 7 4800hs rtx 1660ti ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, 14" QHD, Ryzen 9 4900HS, RTX 2060 And ASUS TUF Dash F15 -2021 Which one should I choose Can someone help out here
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle 5 dagar sedan
@quirkychic1984 it does, but you’ll have to get them to price match as the Best Buy one is like $100 less for the same specs. They will, just more work for you. I’m quitting early today so I can go home an play with it 😂
quirkychic1984 5 dagar sedan
@Richard Cagle I just checked it out at Best Buy and I'm sold! The Lunar White is gorgeous, I love the soft touch feel, the mouse pad, number key along with the specs but I'll buy direct from Dell. Best Buy customer service sucks lol.
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle 5 dagar sedan
@quirkychic1984 welp. It blew the fuses in my truck to my 12v supply in seconds so I’ll have to test it more once I get home. That said, it’s the sexiest damn chunk of magnesium I’ve ever held. Makes msi competition look like a plastic toy in comparison. The strix scar is close, but it beats that too. Keyboard is amazing, speakers are surprisingly awesome. Gonna load up outriders when I get home an stretch it’s legs a bit. Maybe see how it handles cyberpunk for luls and I’ll update sometime after that.
Cursed Khien
Cursed Khien 50 minuter sedan
Any "gaming" laptop that has any 1650 is a immediate trap, doesn't matter what kind. You will hate yourself indefinitely for paying upwards of $900 for 30fps in all your games on the lowest settings. I've noticed all these Intel traps just use the 1650.
Mitesh Mahto
Mitesh Mahto Timme sedan
I am from india and we only have one online laptop shopping site for asus. they're pushing us to select either gtx series laptops in 2021 at around 900$ and then directly pick this dash f15 at around 1800$ it's like they're forcing buyers to either pick highly priced laptops or pick the ones which no one actually needs. gtx 1650, gtx1660 u name those. these laptops are always available in stock. no rtx 20 series available in stock ever. I wonder when they'll stop this greediness
Jason Ficcone
Jason Ficcone 2 timmar sedan
Of course it makes sense, from a market share standpoint. No body produces 4 or 6 cores if they can produce 8 cores. All they produce is 8 cores. Some of those 8 cores will have cores that fail testing in some way and will be binned down to 6 core or 4 core or core clock rate. Or Intel will need to fill a certain amount of 4 and 6 core orders and will bin down that amount of 8 core chips that fully passed testing. The cost for them doesn't change. But the price does change for the OEM/builder/consumer.
Melissah B
Melissah B 8 timmar sedan
Dave: it's not worth it. They're not good enough for the price. Great aesthetics, subpar performance. Me: great ✏ aesthetics ✏
Cliff Eastman
Cliff Eastman 17 timmar sedan
While I can get w/ a lot of what was conveyed here, I can’t understand his insistence on referring to the issues w/ these two particular laptops as something that Intel “did”. Intel made those chips, yes. But Asus & Acer put them in those particular laptops, priced, and marketed them how they saw fit - which I agree it’s really questionable putting 35w 4core chips in $1,700 gaming laptops. Those series of decisions aren’t on Intel. Intel has a WHOLE host of issues/problems right now that have been a long time in the making. But blaming Intel for those two laptops he reviewed seems really off - Asus & Acer made those decisions. Ymmv
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin 21 timme sedan
thank god i bought the legion 5
hmietwne 22 timmar sedan
Conrad Ricamora
Sanjay Murmu
Sanjay Murmu Dag sedan
The level of honestly in this video is too damn high
YOsS 2 dagar sedan
Cloud 2 dagar sedan
100% agree. I was looking for a regular good laptop (non-gaming) and it looks like the market has them terribly price atm. For the price they want i am looking at gaming laptop territory price range and even then they are not worth it atm. However I am exited for AMD to release gaming laptops sometime this year and see how they are. So for now i think waiting is the better option.
Ashutosh Soni
Ashutosh Soni 2 dagar sedan
Talk less show more This is your drawback.
UFO Alien
UFO Alien 3 dagar sedan
What gaming/game developing laptops would you recommend with a budget a 1500$.
Music 3 dagar sedan
The good thing about laptop is that they are portable, just build a pc.
Doug R
Doug R 3 dagar sedan
so its the INTEL gaming laptop trap
Melchizedek V
Melchizedek V 3 dagar sedan
What if I had to choose between asus rog zephyrus g14 ryzen 7 4800hs rtx 1650 asus rog zephyrus g14 ryzen 7 4800hs rtx 1660ti ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, 14" QHD, Ryzen 9 4900HS, RTX 2060 And ASUS TUF Dash F15 -2021 Which one should I choose Can someone help me out here
Sheogorath 3 dagar sedan
As soon as I heard "cooler" and "higher performance" I closed all my purchase tabs XD
PGRFN 4 dagar sedan
Damn I was just looking at the dash f15 and considering getting it ... Guess I can wait
Назар Естаев
F15 also have low tdp for graphics, ex. laptop strix 3070 have 130 Wt, and F15 - 85 Wt, so perfomanse 40% lower
Anik aher
Anik aher 4 dagar sedan
Cool hoodie!
Nickolai Uy
Nickolai Uy 5 dagar sedan
how about intel's i5 10500h with 6 cores in the Gigabyte G5?
Indratej Reddy
Indratej Reddy 5 dagar sedan
no webcam seriously?
Laavariz Amigo
Laavariz Amigo 5 dagar sedan
I really work on my videos😀 Can you ppl view and sub to my channel? It would make my day🙂
Faiq Muyassar Hanief
Faiq Muyassar Hanief 6 dagar sedan
damn i just bought this F15 dash laptop and then i fired up youtube this video appears
quirkychic1984 8 dagar sedan
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I'm indeed in the market for a gaming laptop and I love the looks of the Legion 7i but I will hold off a little bit longer. If there is better and cheaper than yes I want it!!
Nylrak 6 dagar sedan
I couldn't resist and bought an Acer nitro 5... I should have waited a little bit longer
AurA - Pubg Mobile Comp
I’ve been holding off buying a laptop for 6-7 years because of how trash the laptop/pc market has been.
Nylrak 6 dagar sedan
I was holding off because I had no money, now I do so I bought the gaming laptop I had an eye keep on for a long time
Time2EAT 8 dagar sedan
I love that you feel the same way I feel about the new laptops with intel CPUs. I’m waiting for the AMD laptop. Intel got greedy and they are paying the price! AMD caught up in the CPU game! And Definitely they are gaining ground on the GPU side also! I’m not hating on Intel or Nvidia. Actually I’m rooting intel with the XE GPU (Correct me I’m wrong). Why? Because the more options we have as a CONSUMER. THE PRICES WILL BE COMPETITIVE!!! By the end of the day. I want all the GAMERS/CONSUMER to WIN!!! I know it’s all about the money but I think TRUST/HONESTY should be prioritized. 👎🏼 corporate greed
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 9 dagar sedan
I got an omen 15 with a ryzen 7. 800 bucks, happy about it
Rekamniar 10 dagar sedan
I bought my asus g14 because of Dave Lee
Sadra Saffari
Sadra Saffari 10 dagar sedan
Dave, why is ASUS the only manufacturer with 5900hx systems on the market? Isn't it crazy that they released these machines so early?
Shrek 10 dagar sedan
I got the ASUS TUF Dash F15 (RTX 3060 version) for 1,070 usd, and I'm from Denmark so that's imo a really good deal. Right? Someone please tell me it was a good deal so that I can feel good about myself.
Pillbo Baggins
Pillbo Baggins 11 dagar sedan
i ended up getting me a legion 5 with ryzen 7 4800h and 1660ti was only 999 at amazon
Pillbo Baggins
Pillbo Baggins 11 dagar sedan
while yes i coulda ordered a 30 series if i waited weeks but i got this next day and love it!
Lloyd van den Bor
Lloyd van den Bor 11 dagar sedan
Nice video Dave! Any chance you can make a video comparing upcoming Tiger Lake-H with Alder Lake-H? I am wondering whether I should wait for Alder lake or go with Tiger lake in my new gaming laptop. That would be great!
Ryan Nobil
Ryan Nobil 11 dagar sedan
702 dislike are by intel employees and consumers because they are scared of not buying this laptops
Andersen Ong
Andersen Ong 11 dagar sedan
u had the chance to call it the gaming laptrap but you chose not to
Born To Sing With The Guitar
who doesnt like stuffs that are pretty?
sagaris g&m
sagaris g&m 12 dagar sedan
In my country asus tuf dash f15 cost around 2100$ for rtx 3070 gpu come on 2000$ for 4 core only on "gaming" laptops . I also think that people that buy laptops above 1500$ for gaming only is extremely rare because most people who buy premium laptops will definitely doing other stuff than gaming also 4 cores is this price range is serious problem for productivity or money making stuff .worst of all that even games start to demand a lot of cores if paired with powerfull gpu,i have seen asus tuf dash f15 rtx 3070 have similar frame rate to gtx 1650 ti laptop in some games because the game bottlenecked by cpu cores count
Shawn Diaz
Shawn Diaz 13 dagar sedan
5:45 It's almost like they're trying to bring back the 'AMD is clunky gamer silicone and intel is sleek and professional' vibe from 2016 or whenever.
Jisco Tube
Jisco Tube 13 dagar sedan
For me it goes for 1375 so should I buy the asus dash F15??
Armada 14 dagar sedan
Yoga slim 7 ....?
PLAYRIDER13 14 dagar sedan
Okay ive got the tuf dash for 1300 Euros. Only dont have the 240 Hz panel. I think its a good price and for high end gaming i have my pc
Vario_0 14 dagar sedan
I've almost ordered dash f15 rtx 3060 to replace my legion y530 gtx 1060 ! but in pure curiosity i checked the cpu.... and i was shocked that it rocks 4 cores, I don't know why but i assumed it has as least 6 cores(as mine, 3 yr old i7 laptop does...!) Maybe thats the game they are playing , many people are expecting 6+ cores at this point, and will just order the next gen laptops with new and fancy graphic cards without checking the specs as close as they should! Be aware guys
ParadiseLost 14 dagar sedan
Can anybody reccomend a good gaming laptop? I wanna save for one, I'll say my budget is 1,500 to 2,000.
Ryswick 14 dagar sedan
Does any reviewer keep it as real as Dave2D? I love the way he nitpicks, I love his bigger picture takes, and most of all I love the honesty. I must've watched at least fifty videos at this point, haven't ever bought any of the products featured, (although the black friday Helios was a super close one) but I wouldn't trust any reviewer more than Dave2D.
mikenet2006 14 dagar sedan
This video is really for people who are very particular with minor performance increases. I'm not a fanboy of any laptop or processor, my last laptop is now 7 years old and has an AMD processor. I just bought a Predator Helios 300 17" which is arriving soon and it has an intel processor. Here's my point, as long as the build is strong, and a laptop has the features you want at the price range you can afford, these minor differences in things like wattage won't result in significant frame rate drops in games or vastly change rendering times for videos unless maybe you render videos for a living. These newer computers are far more advanced than anything in the same price range if you go back a couple years. A mid to high-range gaming laptop will generally play any game at high to ultra settings with good frame rates. So to me, this is splitting hairs. I appreciate Dave2D's effort and passion on this topic and understand that some people will disagree so this is just my opinion.
Madi Johnson
Madi Johnson 15 dagar sedan
My 6yo HP Omen just died today & I'm looking for a new gaming laptop... I'm glad i wasn't even looking at Intel lol
Warsrogue 15 dagar sedan
I want to buy a laptop but either it's old models & overpriced or unavailable for newer ones. Alienware has some in stock but it's Intel & extra 400 for Alien head logo.
Wendy Arias
Wendy Arias 16 dagar sedan
So what’s a good laptop to play The Sims 4 with no problem and that’s not an arm and a leg?
bablu Saini
bablu Saini 16 dagar sedan
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Wulf 16 dagar sedan
Greatest intro in a video ever 😂
parth rajput
parth rajput 17 dagar sedan
should i buy rtx 1650 laptop in 2021?
SamAnimations! 13 dagar sedan
Sir 😭😭
TheRealisticBeaver 17 dagar sedan
is this a joke good sir
Moch eka Bayu p
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Christian P
Christian P 17 dagar sedan
Anyone know the song at the end?
Lindsey Holland
Lindsey Holland 18 dagar sedan
The lovely game cranially preserve because outrigger intriguingly concern unto a vivacious thing. weary, dear price
Soulaesthete 18 dagar sedan
I can't imagine paying $1700 for a 4 core, Intel processor. You're absolutely spot on to point out that a laptop is so much more than appealing aesthetics, Dave. Great observation and recommendation.
1 Keyboard man
1 Keyboard man 18 dagar sedan
Akshay 20 dagar sedan
Fuck I hate that asus laptop, it looks so perfect, but they fucked up their cpu 😭 Whyyyyy
chethu azy
chethu azy 20 dagar sedan
This video was a life saver for me thanks man👍🏼
Parker Russell
Parker Russell 20 dagar sedan
So, either way, unless you NEED a laptop right now, it's best to wait for the next gen AMD stuff to drop.
Aditya Kulshrestha
Aditya Kulshrestha 21 dag sedan
So which one win at the end
D4RK-WYV3RN 21 dag sedan
The rog zephyrus g14 is a really good deal.
The Dudelino
The Dudelino 21 dag sedan
Is the new Intel generation still suffering so hard from thermal throttling? I am rocking the Razer Blade which is a beautiful, very powerful machine. But boy does it have issues with heat management.
Pegasus 777
Pegasus 777 21 dag sedan
Please What should I choose?? Lenovo Legion 5 Processor AMD Ryzen 5 4600H (6C / 12T, 3.0 / 4.0GHz, 3MB L2 / 8MB L3) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 2x 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 128GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe 3.0×4 + 1TB HDD 5400rpm 2.5 ″Screen 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare, 144Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision 1400$ tax included Or Lenovo IdeaPad gaming 3 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (8C / 16T, 2.9 / 4.2GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 2x 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 512 GB SSD PCIe M.2 ″Screen 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) IPS 250nits 120Hz Free Dos 1200$ tax included
Mollof 22 dagar sedan
I got scared there a second, I got a new laptop early this year, but it has AMD so I guess I'm good.
Sharon J
Sharon J 22 dagar sedan
I play WoW on a desktop. Can't even imagine playing on a laptop.
Marshall 22 dagar sedan
You're right it doesn't make sense at that price point but it also doesn't make sense for you to compare it to its 6 or 8 core counterparts in a mobile form factor because you can have all the cores in the world and they're useless when the chip thermal throttles. Sure you can spend the same amount of money and get those extra cores that will only compound the issue so what have you gained? Its like buying a Lambo to sit in LA traffic. Sure the car has the ability to go fast but if you're only inching forward every few minutes who cares if your car can do 200+ because suddenly the metric is useless as a basis for comparison. This becomes one of those cases where more ≠ better and what Intel did made perfect sense but where they failed is thinking they could charge a premium for something "lesser" and expect the consumer to understand TDP and why that's not really the case in this given instance.
Drakehammerx 22 dagar sedan
I like this level of honesty... thanks dave!
earl pido
earl pido 23 dagar sedan
as always simple direct and clear no huzz no fuzz
SHITRUNNER 23 dagar sedan
I got a open box tuf f15 for 1,100 lol, I definitely think I got my money’s worth
Malaysian Man
Malaysian Man 23 dagar sedan
Pretty or not is a very subjective matter
Beskmot's Kombat
Beskmot's Kombat 23 dagar sedan
Skip to the last 30 seconds of this video, thats what the video is about
MrWearily 24 dagar sedan
Just got an AMD gaming laptop ordered. I think with how AMD is doing big I'm the scene it will push intel too really put in the work to compete
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle 25 dagar sedan
i like looks too, but if i can 300fps 1440 ultra in warone on a potato. welp. guess im gaming on a potato
Tanya Tsukrova
Tanya Tsukrova 25 dagar sedan
Great video, thank you for sharing your opinion on the state of laptops
vaibhav Srivastava
vaibhav Srivastava 25 dagar sedan
Thanks dave
Kevin Lasher
Kevin Lasher 25 dagar sedan
Sounds like someone up high is trying to offload inferior hardware in higher end machines for more profit, and hoping it will fly under the radar for less tech savvy buyers. Kind of a scummy practice, tbh. I'm glad someone like you can get the word out.
David Grim
David Grim 26 dagar sedan
You miss the best reason to get a gaming laptop. You can find them in stock. Good luck finding that graphics card in stock.
Alberto Medina
Alberto Medina 26 dagar sedan
Alternative to dash f15?
Liza Israel
Liza Israel 26 dagar sedan
thinking of buying a laptop for video editing and heavy files..i am very confuse...please help😭😭
Inepti Replica
Inepti Replica 27 dagar sedan
false information...alienware area 51m literally uses a desktop cpu with rtx 3080
Daniel Nygård
Daniel Nygård 27 dagar sedan
Dave... please make your own laptop. Just one! Make a "perfect custom"- D2d!
Exmerion 28 dagar sedan
scarecrowbar66 28 dagar sedan
Not gay, but...
Mr. Yepz
Mr. Yepz 28 dagar sedan
Wow, well articulated; at some point in the near future, I'll be getting the best gaming machine I can afford, your review comes off genuine and knowledgeable, and I'm a big dummy when it comes to choosing the right thing, and probably that's what these companies bet on, an uninformed consumer that will fall for aesthetics over functionality, so I'm subscribing! Thank you!
Paul Anders Bullecer
Paul Anders Bullecer 29 dagar sedan
How about 2020 intel laptops? I bought one last year. Was it worth it?
Jordan Daivd
Jordan Daivd 29 dagar sedan
I have a gaming laptop it is actually really good thi
Andras Libal
Andras Libal 29 dagar sedan
Gaming. Laptop. How is that not an oxymoron. If you want to do good quality gaming you buy a desktop. Why would you need to lug around a machine that is powerful enough for gaming ... in a laptop form? Are there huge LAN parties where all the kids show up and need to plug in the Ethernet cable? Maybe I am the only one not invited :)))))
SmallDick StoleYourGirl
ya but aren't the new amd gaming labtops going to be expensive as fuck ?
MG.TWINSER GAMER 29 dagar sedan
What laptop should i buy then for like 1000€
H Muller
H Muller 29 dagar sedan
First video watcher - I'm sub'd now. Good vid.
I_AM_ EVERYWHERE 29 dagar sedan
Patrick Maloney
Patrick Maloney 29 dagar sedan
It's TongFang or nothing for me.
Matthew Rease
Matthew Rease 29 dagar sedan
How do you feel about Lenovo Legion machines? I got the Y740 in late 2019, but it's hard for me to be objective, because it's the best computer I've ever owned, period. The second best machine I have, is a 600$ 2013 HP desktop, average AMD consumer PC. Only good thing about it, is the GTX 970 I put inside it.
Зубър че
Зубър че 29 dagar sedan
i have a legion 5i and it's very good.
Kenzo 29 dagar sedan
What is he wearing? This hoodie looks great
Lamach Horne
Lamach Horne Månad sedan
Hey Dave, you make quite the argument, but I'm a bit confused as to why you're calling out Intel and not the laptop manufacturers themselves. If Asus or any other brand decides to put a 4-core CPU in their device, what hand does Intel have in their choice or even the pricing of that device? It seems to me that the 'elephant in the laptop' is the GPU. If a device has RTX 30 hardware, you can expect it to be well over $1k, no matter what CPU it's running. Some might even argue that those aesthetics we've all come to love and appreciate, also comes at a premium price. All in all, when it comes to gaming devices, laptop manufacturers seem to leave little wiggle room for us consumers. Looking forward to your response!
Ugliest Bump
Ugliest Bump Månad sedan
Need more videos like this
Star masterc
Star masterc Månad sedan
Fun Fact, in passmark singlethread, this 4 core 8 thread laptop almost performs the same as Intel's Rocket Lake i7 but using 4 times less power, their desktop processors honestly are pretty bad (14nm). Intel's 10nm is amazing, waiting for 8 core laptop processors in the future with a max turbo of 5GHz.
Mr. Someone
Mr. Someone Månad sedan
I bought an MSI laptop for 1450 € this Christmas. It has an intel i7 10th gen, and an rtx 2070. Thing is i couldn't find anything as good for that price. At least in Spain. What should i do?
Star masterc
Star masterc Månad sedan
The processor is good and maybe by far the fastest quadcore ever, but my issue: Why the marketing team decided to shoehorn the i7 and letter H to this?
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