The Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phone! 

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My review of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G with camera test. The BEST budget phone from Samsung this year.
Available Soon - amzn.to/2ORkBKo
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20 mar 2021



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Dave2D 21 dag sedan
this phone is SO good this year. Surprised they packed it they way they did tbh. whatchu think?
Ibnahoo Dag sedan
I think it exactly the kind of hardware which smark users will need for their heavy work on clouds, processing, computing and downloading, provided the durability and heating.. But it looks very reasonable to me (I'm a multitasker, clouds processing and background apps.. Not really a gamer or photographer)
Syham Pranto
Syham Pranto Dag sedan
Is it a right decision to exchange Samsung A71 with A52 ? Thank in advance 🙏
Nathan Stoughton
Nathan Stoughton 2 dagar sedan
i think they secured my sale after oogling around for about 3 days or so.
Asif Track
Asif Track 11 dagar sedan
Asif Track
Asif Track 11 dagar sedan
@Aadit Agrawal llllmmppplpppppppp
obsprisma 6 timmar sedan
I still bought the A72 because of it's bigger battery, the 25 watt charger and the 3 times optical zoomlens. Coming from a S10+ i am more than satisfied with the overall performance and capabilities of this A72.
Clarke Griswold
Clarke Griswold 8 timmar sedan
I'm still on my s6 that I've had for 6 years, I still can't see anything different on these new phones, so still not worth upgrading in my opinion.
arko128 11 timmar sedan
The version withought 5G has the same camera?
random guy
random guy Dag sedan
lmao wtf was that 4:38
samridh kharbat
samridh kharbat Dag sedan
Specs here in India arent that good with SD 720, 90 Hz AMOLED and only 15W charger in the box
Zoe Vl
Zoe Vl Dag sedan
Hello nice video! I want to ask you about the colors of the camera. Does it makes things more "red/orange"? I tested it in a store and while my hair is blonde, it seemed like orange in photos (while a32, iphone 12 etc colors were totally fine so it was not about the lighting!)
Syham Pranto
Syham Pranto Dag sedan
Is it a good decision to exchange Samsung A71 with A52 ? Thanks
jmlinden7 Dag sedan
This is basically a Pixel 5 without wireless charging, and $200 cheaper.
Maksim Timofeev
Maksim Timofeev 2 dagar sedan
I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Dave his very pleasant and somehow relaxing voice. I normally watch all YT videos on double speed, but for Dave I switch to normal and use it to fall asleep (lol)
PipeDown TV
PipeDown TV 2 dagar sedan
samsung's midrange phones are always ridiculously overpriced,
ZeroAlytus 2 dagar sedan
6:42 need vote who care about security updates. Now it seems you saying it's not safe to use
Edris Wardak
Edris Wardak 2 dagar sedan
I want buy this. How to do it?
Ainsley ann Cascayan
Ainsley ann Cascayan 2 dagar sedan
How much is this?
the normal one
the normal one 2 dagar sedan
A52 reminds me of great A Galaxys like the A8. Great phone, also the price
John Webb
John Webb 2 dagar sedan
Why apple doesn’t have like this phone ?
TheOfficialBabatunde 2 dagar sedan
Watching on a galaxy a51 lol
John Micah
John Micah 3 dagar sedan
Please i need to buy a phone that can give me a very good blur video background for my you tube talking head, image stabilization, good at low light, shoots 4k, main camera i.8f and affordable
MK 3 dagar sedan
We haven't seen this phone yet??
Imraan Munas
Imraan Munas 4 dagar sedan
Hi, is this 120 hz or 90hz - gsmarenea says 90
Jozhfy 4 dagar sedan
3:55 i love how dave goes to face unlock and the phone says "virgin" on up left corner
Zia Uddin
Zia Uddin 4 dagar sedan
90 hz display.... not 120 SD 720G not 750G
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 3 dagar sedan
This is 5g model so 120hz 750g
OH YES HASSAN 4 dagar sedan
which game he was playing?
Dao O
Dao O 5 dagar sedan
Samsung did a great job with this one! I hope they'll bring great small phones also
Limgel Margen
Limgel Margen 5 dagar sedan
Thank you this made me decide to choose this phone!
nisarg jain
nisarg jain 5 dagar sedan
anybody knows about the phone wallpaper?
Efe 5 dagar sedan
i need non-5G version for my mom. she is stuck at 3G
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 5 dagar sedan
Low price high storage samsung fones are best for all. A 22, 32, 42,52 all are nice fones.
海外IT 5 dagar sedan
It has all what I need from a smartphone, with very long updates supports compared to the others and it's also cool looking. I can't wait to get mine.
Domo 5 dagar sedan
Samsung is full of bloatware , I'm good with my pixel 4
Slay Sick
Slay Sick 6 dagar sedan
Can you explain more about the problem with the edges?? I bought A72 and on one of its side the edge can be pressed slightly down. I say 2 fingers width. Rest of the areas are intact. Is this a common problem with these models?
Faith Beema
Faith Beema 7 dagar sedan
Oh God you mentioned that the haptics are pretty weak and that is just a turn off for me. I'm looking to switch from my v40 thinQ which has great haptic feedback btw back to samsung and I'd be greeted by not so great haptics. How about the A72? Better haptics? Cuz i really wanna return to samsung.
rdm 7 dagar sedan
What might be the difference between the 5g and non 5g version
Zixiao Chen
Zixiao Chen 7 dagar sedan
This is one of the cleanest phone designs made by Samsung so far, love it.
Reason 7 dagar sedan
What I want to know is how the camera compares with Pixel 4a's.
Mr Kevin Loves Malaysia
Great timing Dave. I've been pondering the Poco F3 or the staid kinda boring A52. I'm going with security and the A52. Great review. Thank you
thamaraiprakash 8 dagar sedan
OMG samsung made a great phone ,and i am curremtly sticking with bad chinese realme7pro 😢😢😢😢😢
TFA - 8 dagar sedan
why no wireless charging?
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen 8 dagar sedan
Is this not available in the US? I don't see it one the Samsung website
Nanvinor 8 dagar sedan
Imho I prefer the S20 FE 5G
VJPK 9 dagar sedan
I would go for this if it had more punchy colors like bright red or blue, i really don´t like those washed out pastel colors and black or white. I have a Samsung S 10 now and i would really like to get rid of it because of the curved screen. I just can´t bare it.
Joseph Devera
Joseph Devera 9 dagar sedan
got this phone a few days ago and loving it! Dave got it spot-on with his review. The left (top) stereo loudspeaker is slightly softer than the right (bottom) one, but it didn't ruin my Netflix experience. Coming from a Samsung Note 9, the 750G processor definitely isn't as fast; there are occasional stutters and slowdowns, but you'll only notice it if you're looking for it. NFC performance seems to respond slower when making payments, not sure if it's because of the chipset. battery life could be better, but I usually always have a charger with me for most of my daily routine so I can live with that. Gaming performance is good too, managed to run Call of Duty mobile on med settings just fine, although loading times feel longer than on my Note 9. I'm definitely going to miss the physical fingerprint sensor and notification LED, but for 4 years of guaranteed support, I'm perfectly happy.
Nur Syahmy
Nur Syahmy 10 dagar sedan
Does it have Samsung Pay?
Pancho Luna
Pancho Luna 10 dagar sedan
"The BEST budget phone from Samsung this year"-d2d => This will be my next phone. thx bro
polina levkov
polina levkov 10 dagar sedan
Does it have a dc dimming function?
Kuna Leśna
Kuna Leśna 10 dagar sedan
It is worth to upgrade the galaxy s8 (exynos) to the A52 5g?
M M 10 dagar sedan
Should I buy Samsung A52 or Mi 11 Lite 5G?
Alexis Aguirre Vazquez
Alexis Aguirre Vazquez 15 timmar sedan
@Kenn Honson X Do you still recommend xiaomi phones to people who don't root though?
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 22 timmar sedan
@Alexis Aguirre Vazquez Ok, here is the thing: Xiaomi phones get about 2-3 years of manufacturer support, but Xiaomi has the highest percentage of ROM users, which can result in 5 years of custom support. The ram management though is absolutely terrible. You need a lot of ram to get an equivalent amount of apps open. 6GB on MiUI is about 4GB on OneUI. MiUI also likes to label beta releases as full releases, and some updates are outright terrible. Most of the time they get solved in a future update, but that those problems even get there in the first place. MiUI can also be downgraded to a previous version (not the shortest process though). Basically, MiUI is a nightmare for mainstream people, but for people who are more into tech, those issues aren't that bad, especially with that hardware.
Alexis Aguirre Vazquez
Alexis Aguirre Vazquez 22 timmar sedan
@Kenn Honson X They get good software support? I heard otherwise. I've also heard that they get really show overtime. Was I mislead or something?
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 23 timmar sedan
Go for the Mi 11 Lite 5G. The reputation of MiUI is just from people who don't know any better. Xiaomi phones get good software support, and incredible community support.
Alexis Aguirre Vazquez
A52. Xiaomi isn't going to update their phones for 3 years like Samsung. Plus they slow down more quickly than Samsung phones(at least with one UI) because MIUI has terrible RAM management and software optimization. They are cheaper, but they don't last as long. A52 is a better buy in the long run.
Al Len
Al Len 10 dagar sedan
Nobody: Dave: 4:30 >>> 4:26
Abu Aniha S3p AzG
Abu Aniha S3p AzG 11 dagar sedan
I actually prefer plastic as opposed to glass, and also flat Vs curved, I don't like my mi 10 pro, I love Xiaomi phones it's my favourite brands but they don't give SD card slot on their high ends anymore.
Derek Scott
Derek Scott 11 dagar sedan
Recommend #godrive_hacker on I.G for getting my sis iphone,me a PS5 & my dad laptop at cheap rate USA 🇺🇸
Abu Aniha S3p AzG
Abu Aniha S3p AzG 11 dagar sedan
Does it have a video out via USB c port?
Tyrael Kamh
Tyrael Kamh 11 dagar sedan
Whats hidden in cheap android Phones isnt bad specs, its the random dropping of bluetooth and wifi, random reboot/crashing of apps, poor speakers, less settings to fine-tune, and so on.
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 8 dagar sedan
You must in stuck in 2015. Budget and midrange android phones have become very good.
Derek Scott
Derek Scott 11 dagar sedan
Recommend #godrive_hacker on I.G for getting my sis iphone,me a PS5 & my dad laptop at cheap rate USA 🇺🇸
rudra prasad
rudra prasad 11 dagar sedan
it is so good.. i feel betrayed by samsung for the a52/72's they released in india.
Reanetse Moleleki
Reanetse Moleleki 11 dagar sedan
I think that's a gazebo.
Stefan Ciganovic
Stefan Ciganovic 12 dagar sedan
Just why pick this phone over Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ?
Falko Von
Falko Von 6 dagar sedan
Headphone Jack
3MAR00SS 12 dagar sedan
this thing is hands down better than the iPhone 12 I've seen the camera comparisons too () like that's illegal this thing is 420$
KN A 12 dagar sedan
i ordered one. But honestly, i'm not sure of that was the right decision, when i think about what other phones there are right now like e.g. poco f3.
Mr. Qusai
Mr. Qusai 12 dagar sedan
I like your content.
Irza Liando
Irza Liando 12 dagar sedan
Well, Samsung, now that's how you do a redesign. It looks good compared to the atrocious camera bump on the S21.
Punit Khot
Punit Khot 12 dagar sedan
Do we get that blue coloured wire charger in the box ??? Cuz that's so asthetic
Claude 12 dagar sedan
I was in the market for a new midrange phone and saw your video and the Poco F3 one. I decided to buy this for a few reasons: the headphone jack and expandable storage, the ip67 rating, and four years of updates, and better camera. I may be paying more for this than the Poco F3, but I still feel like this is better value.
Daniel 12 dagar sedan
I just got the A72 a couple of days ago after rocking the A71 for almost a full year.. I was tempted to get the S20 FE, bcz it was on sale but I went for the 8 gb ram and 256gb storage instead.. First of all, if you have the A71, the A72 is worth upgrading to. The screen is great, the 90hz refresh rate really does the job,looks beautiful, the dual speakers really give a subtle stereo feel and it sounds rich and full even at full sound. The microphone is improved, my voice sounds a lot better, call quality is better, the fingerprint also is a lil bit more responsive and reliable and the battery lasted me even almost 11 hours screen on time but indoors and at 60 hz refresh rate.. The build quality feels solid, even though it's all plastic and the new matte back is great. Camera wise, big improvement from last year A71 but in terms of features. Quality wise, kinda the same which is great. Samsung has done a great job with these mid range phones.. I'm really pleased with it. I don't think I'll ever be temped to buy a flagship phone ever again..
rambadur 12 dagar sedan
Does it support wireless charging
lejs84 12 dagar sedan
From "MrKeybrd" channel :)
Ali 13 dagar sedan
Audio jack!! Wow!! Man phones removing them sucks
David Ariyan
David Ariyan 13 dagar sedan
Whenever dave2d reviewed a midranger phone, it's gonna be a very good valueable phone. So Great. Really love less compact phone surface agains vs big, wide 6.7 inch and up phones.
Z390 13 dagar sedan
Most people dont need more from a phone than this
Z390 13 dagar sedan
Why dos this phone has a li-pro battery instead of li-ion ?
Lukas Shakesheff
Lukas Shakesheff 13 dagar sedan
What's the Snapchat quality like?
Paulo Hernandez
Paulo Hernandez 13 dagar sedan
I have the S9 for 3 years now. Planning to buy this next. My S9 heats up more often these days/ Does the A52 heat up on normal usage?
Robin Gupta
Robin Gupta 10 dagar sedan
What processor due you have in your s series... Exynos or snapdragon????
Christi Mills
Christi Mills 13 dagar sedan
The whispering modem expectedly heap because target markedly escape plus a tightfisted gladiolus. goofy, wicked starter
CW C 13 dagar sedan
Did I miss it? Seems like there was no mention of video quality from the camera...
Barry Haeger
Barry Haeger 14 dagar sedan
Great Review. Since the A72 shares so much of the A52 specs, the main departure being 5000mAh battery and swapping out the depth sensor for 3x optical zoom, it would be "Awesome" to hear your take on this. Is it a meaningful alternative?
zabuma 14 dagar sedan
This is going to be a great upgrade from my s7 edge!
LE MONKE 14 dagar sedan
A52 is cheaper in India. Finally
souleatingpanda 14 dagar sedan
Got the a51. Been having a blast with the teal color. The a52 is so tempting. 60fps video shooting finally!
ZUBAIR ARSHAD 14 dagar sedan
Sounds like you're selling it
Haruka 14 dagar sedan
I actually think they have that ring to show off the fact that it has a holepunch camera xD (usually seen as a premium feature)
AkarnaPrime 14 dagar sedan
4:40 *_Are you still talking about the battery here, Dave?_* XD
Mohammed Turkmani
Mohammed Turkmani 14 dagar sedan
its 90 Hz not 120 Hz
comedyman112 14 dagar sedan
I (and so many others) could not justify spending the same money on a Samsung with SD 750G phone as on a Xiaomi with SD 865 or SD 870. Even if Xiaomi has less future OS/security updates, the flagship CPU will work better in 3 years from now.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 23 timmar sedan
@Frank Reynolds Better software: Subjective, I actually prefer MiUI Better camera: Not everyone cares about smartphone cameras like I already have a camera. Better updates: Xiaomi will just be better in the long run, updates don't matter that much anymore, only mainstream consumers care, as they don't know better. 5G Xiaomi has an 870 for 350$ without any discounts
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 12 dagar sedan
Better software, camera, updates in Samsung. 4g model is also only 350$ without any discounts.
Rainy Yumkhaibam
Rainy Yumkhaibam 14 dagar sedan
Refresh rate was 90hz on the model i saw the previous night.
Razali Saat
Razali Saat 14 dagar sedan
I don't know which one to buy, between a52 or poco f3.
Pangit 134
Pangit 134 14 dagar sedan
Watching this from my bezel- less phone I would get this phone but it still has that stupid punch hole ⛳
Prashant Chaudhary
Prashant Chaudhary 14 dagar sedan
I bet you phone will be having a moving mechanism for the front cam, I'll pick a tiny notch or punch hole (in the top center) over a pop up cam anyday
Sushant Dubey
Sushant Dubey 14 dagar sedan
Why do we have the a52 with snapdragon 720g in india? :p
Nicholas 14 dagar sedan
S20 FE killer 😳 the S20 Exynos' look like the A series phones compared to this phone
Asthra Nick
Asthra Nick 14 dagar sedan
There are Chinese phone of better quality than the Samsung galaxy. Talking of this phone? I doubt the market value and quality is poor.
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 19 timmar sedan
@Kenn Honson X Well you are in minority if you dont do both. Still cameras are the most important thing in smartphones for most people. Since A52 will be the highest selling android phone, they focused more on camera than processor as even the shitty exynos of a51 sold quite alot.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 20 timmar sedan
@Frank Reynolds I don't even do gaming but I don't care about smartphone cameras. There are people like me, not everyone is a male heavy gamer
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 20 timmar sedan
@Kenn Honson X Design is subjective, features and bugs arent for UI. Oneui is superior. I dont miss miui at all. Most normal people care about camera way more than processor. Only males who do heavy mobile gaming mostly dont care about it. That's why a52 is better for normal users, chinese phone for gamers. Have you even used miui? No wonder many people use custom roms instead of miui due to its lack of timely and proper updates. They add more bugs after update, updates are slow, cameras quality down.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 23 timmar sedan
@Frank Reynolds Better software: Subjective, I actually prefer MiUI Better camera: Not everyone cares about smartphone cameras like I already have a camera. Better updates: Xiaomi will just be better in the long run, updates don't matter that much anymore, only mainstream consumers care, as they don't know better.
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 12 dagar sedan
This has better camera, software and updates.
Bad_Mix 14 dagar sedan
You sold it to me in less than a minute
Evil Potato
Evil Potato 15 dagar sedan
4:28 omg i love that video
Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus 15 dagar sedan
All the Samsung phones are too large for me
Anthony G.
Anthony G. 15 dagar sedan
4:28 thank you for including the iconic fight scene
Kevin Fernando
Kevin Fernando 4 timmar sedan
Bro I can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leonard Hipolio
Leonard Hipolio 13 dagar sedan
Scat Pack
Scat Pack 15 dagar sedan
Battery a little weak for me.
stylez stylez
stylez stylez 15 dagar sedan
The soft fiber accidentally glue because connection industrially save pro a precious disease. vagabond, alleged forecast
Luke Henry
Luke Henry 15 dagar sedan
Been waiting for the a52 to drop in Aus. Filled with confidence after this and seeing a Kurzgesagt video played so smoothly 🙌
Rifqy Saputro
Rifqy Saputro 15 dagar sedan
Hm, not the cheaper phone in Indonesia 😂
Young Tevanced
Young Tevanced 15 dagar sedan
Plastic frame, plastic back, I like it there are no worries of getting broken than most glasses phone today.
jouni k
jouni k 15 dagar sedan
Aand in 2021 wireless charging can replace usb so no need ports
jouni k
jouni k 15 dagar sedan
Phone without ip68 is mega fail,its 2021, my 2012 sony was waterproof
Archons 16 dagar sedan
Phones got too expensive now, I’d rather use that money to buy Bitcoin or stocks, at least it’ll make me some money.
santhosh elangovan
santhosh elangovan 16 dagar sedan
Hi Dave, great review,thank you. Would you recommend Redmi Note 10 pro or Samsung A52. Please advise
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds 12 dagar sedan
Redmi phones are.useless. better get poco f3 or a52.
Payton Clapper
Payton Clapper 16 dagar sedan
The friendly cheek inferiorly dream because cord cosmetically spill onto a cruel confirmation. bouncy, victorious fog
The $350 POCO F3
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