"the best laptop mouse" - Razer Orochi V2 

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Dave2D Razer Orochi v2 review. This is the best laptop mouse right now. Just be aware of the weird marketing around it.
Available Here - amzn.to/32WuBFq
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27 apr 2021



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Dave2D 16 dagar sedan
really good mouse. weird marketing. whatchu think?
Perfect Code
Perfect Code 3 dagar sedan
fire Bolt
fire Bolt 4 dagar sedan
@henry vu u drunk bud?
André GM
André GM 8 dagar sedan
what's the mouse list showed of the video ?
Blurpie 10 dagar sedan
@Raider0001 ?
Raider0001 10 dagar sedan
@Blurpie these are not wireless
slim 3 timmar sedan
I’ve got a model o and it feels great to me. Model o wireless would prob be good for u
JoseSkai 18 timmar sedan
fuck you
Sid Johnston
Sid Johnston Dag sedan
I have the v1 model. It was OK, but the software for it was too glitchy. It would disconnect too often and had other weird hiccups. I replaced it with a Microsoft branded mouse and had no issues since. Have you noticed any issues with the v2?
Sanctus Dag sedan
SHEEEEEEEEEEEEESH, Dave playing gridshot. Lmao 62k is not bad either.
ShadowTheMemeEngine 2 dagar sedan
This seems awfully similar to the JBurrows $10 one.
Dripressed Spider
Dripressed Spider 2 dagar sedan
the main question is Does it drag click?
Dwit Beathead
Dwit Beathead 2 dagar sedan
Thought this was a g305 video
Avid David
Avid David 3 dagar sedan
It's such a tiny mice tho
Jayden Nguyen
Jayden Nguyen 3 dagar sedan
Can or should I use this mouse for pc gaming instead of laptop gaming or would it be better to pick up something like g305 / gpro
Raynaldi Sutedjo
Raynaldi Sutedjo 3 dagar sedan
Macbook user: why we need wireless mice?
Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng 3 dagar sedan
Horrible software/app support on Mac? Like Logitech?
IT.A.26.Vaibhav Gaikwad
Oh god, now that damn it orochimaru transferred his body into mouse. Well good for me; now I'm gonna beat his ass for sure.
Areeve 3 dagar sedan
all my razer stuff start disintegrating or having the scrolling problem from 12 months onwards....
atharv salunke
atharv salunke 4 dagar sedan
Isn't it named after Orochimaru?
Oh Yicong
Oh Yicong 4 dagar sedan
Do take a look at Machenike M8, it is the best-valued mouse in my opinion :)
Anshul Singh
Anshul Singh 4 dagar sedan
There's double click issue in g102. Is it same for g302?
gabriel montiel
gabriel montiel 4 dagar sedan
amazing bass of the intro I felt it in my chest
ghaza abdou
ghaza abdou 4 dagar sedan
Aman Raturi
Aman Raturi 5 dagar sedan
I'll wait for the *MaRu* edition.
Eday Trade
Eday Trade 5 dagar sedan
Is it Mac compatible?
Jarold 5 dagar sedan
laptop mouse? :/ i was planning to buy this instead of viper ultimate..
Syed Shahbaz Ali
Syed Shahbaz Ali 5 dagar sedan
Checking the old setup after watching the new studio ..
haithem ali
haithem ali 5 dagar sedan
Lol that's funny razer!
Vi Ve K
Vi Ve K 5 dagar sedan
orochimaru 😂 snake..😂
Mohotasim Kabir
Mohotasim Kabir 5 dagar sedan
how to practice in aimlab for free???? link
Gabby Araniego
Gabby Araniego 6 dagar sedan
How about battery life using nickel metal hydride Ni-MH batteries? I use those for my wireless mice because theybare rechargeable. im thinking they last a lot longer than alkalines as well? I have a soldering iron that operates using AA batteries and they recommend Ni-MH batteries because it lasts much longer
Muffin 6 dagar sedan
Seems like a $70 G305 to me
Kinky Binky
Kinky Binky 6 dagar sedan
Jake M
Jake M 6 dagar sedan
I’ve owned 3 different Razer mice, all 3 had some kind of clicking issue like ghost clicking, unwanted double clicking, or not clicking when I want to. Those 3 mice lasted a combined 1.5 years. I’ve also owned a single Logitech mouse and it has lasted over 2 year with no noticeable issue yet. I will NEVER purchase another Razer mouse again. Do yourself a favor and go with Logitech!
TrapTrap 6 dagar sedan
wtf do you mean by laptop mouse lmao its just a mouse
Wah A
Wah A 6 dagar sedan
Orochi V2 looks like a combination of G402 and G304
Block In
Block In 6 dagar sedan
looking for a new mouse, which would you say is better this or the model o wireless
smit patel
smit patel 6 dagar sedan
why couldnt they make it chargeable with usbc or would that have upped the weight?
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 7 dagar sedan
One piece fans assemble , all my homies hates the name orochi
Darwin 1344plays
Darwin 1344plays 7 dagar sedan
Logitech: makes a good mouse razer:but i can do better
André GM
André GM 8 dagar sedan
What's the third mouse from Left to Right ? 0:03
André GM
André GM 8 dagar sedan
mouses name list please
case 8 dagar sedan
you should get your hands on the new roccat mouse that was announced recently
Uma Mishra
Uma Mishra 8 dagar sedan
I am still searching for a comment from One Piece fanbase.
69 8 dagar sedan
YOOO why does that look like a bloodya70 tho just different color wtf????
Cynical X
Cynical X 8 dagar sedan
🤣at this point he's just a razer fanboy
Bot Dbq
Bot Dbq 8 dagar sedan
First thing i thought is that mouse should be named orochi-maro
Andy B
Andy B 8 dagar sedan
"The aim is strong with this one!"
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar 9 dagar sedan
4:18-4:20 Nice
God Like
God Like 9 dagar sedan
orochimaru ?!!!
ornate hammer
ornate hammer 9 dagar sedan
I want the V8
Mr. Mountain
Mr. Mountain 9 dagar sedan
What's the brand or name of the LED tube behind you?????
Sausager 9 dagar sedan
i higger mc double
Andrew Ooi
Andrew Ooi 9 dagar sedan
"Maybe. Sure." Not the most endorsing statement ever but ok, I'll take that.
Maryan Beal
Maryan Beal 9 dagar sedan
Aditya 9 dagar sedan
big battery brrrr
Savage 10 dagar sedan
Nice, a video that shows you another way to say "today's sponsor is Razer"
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 10 dagar sedan
Nelson Manvella
Nelson Manvella 10 dagar sedan
Not only that, it sounds like Orochimaru lol
shiva prakash
shiva prakash 10 dagar sedan
See i dont care about the mouse but the ad for the mouse tho...
Tech and Stuff
Tech and Stuff 10 dagar sedan
Orochi from One Piece?
Kazuki 11 dagar sedan
my mouse weighs 185 grams lol
Kevin Roa
Kevin Roa 11 dagar sedan
I just want a wireless viper mini :(
David Brems
David Brems 11 dagar sedan
It said "up to" that means the longest the battery can live for. 🧠🧠
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 11 dagar sedan
The best mouse is mine I've been playing the hell out of Sekiro and it still hasn't given up
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
You might be an aimbot, dude.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
It's white...
shiv 11 dagar sedan
Does This Mouse Want Sasuke ?!
Ellen Dale
Ellen Dale 11 dagar sedan
Name of a snake But is a mouse
ivan Martinovic
ivan Martinovic 11 dagar sedan
i use the G305 and four the money there is no bettet mous :) that is my opinion
Nick Mittal
Nick Mittal 11 dagar sedan
The fact that he isn't all praise for the products makes him so trusted
Jester 11 dagar sedan
6:50 low-key flexing XD
Shane Gio Z. A. Barus
Shane Gio Z. A. Barus 11 dagar sedan
Im looking for cheap drag clicking gaming mouse and available in Asia
Brokenfan323 Waffles
Brokenfan323 Waffles 11 dagar sedan
When I first saw the title I thought it was orochimaru v2
Macht Schnell
Macht Schnell 11 dagar sedan
Still love my Logitech Anywhere mouse, but I do not game. Shout out to Don Engelbart, a true genius and the inventor of the computer mouse.
Daddy Pig
Daddy Pig 12 dagar sedan
Sorry man im poor
Nanase0525 12 dagar sedan
Razer in the next time: 50 years of battery life *powered by a reactor
kingryan920 0
kingryan920 0 12 dagar sedan
if battery life was inportant just get the razor ballistik x hyperspeed
crrSeeny 12 dagar sedan
The name: OROCHI means: (大蛇) Japanese name OROCHI means "big snake." In mythology, this is the name of an eight-forked serpent who demanded virgin sacrifices.
crrSeeny 7 dagar sedan
@UFO ForMdAd yup eight divergent snakes
UFO ForMdAd 7 dagar sedan
crrSeeny 10 dagar sedan
@Animesh Sinha [SPOILER for Naruto] yeah, it does. If you remember the snake that came out of sasuke when he was fighting Itachi, i think it was that snake
Animesh Sinha
Animesh Sinha 10 dagar sedan
This reminds me of Orochimaru from Naruto
dennis soh
dennis soh 12 dagar sedan
My past 3 razer mouse did not cross the 12 months mark. Logitech is the brand I swear by.
F V 12 dagar sedan
URGENT!!! I have asked you on 50 different videos, where the fuck did you get those lights in background from?
Z3n33x 12 dagar sedan
Glorious model O is a really good mouse for me glorious model O is the best
Jamey Anwar
Jamey Anwar 12 dagar sedan
i would say g305 is still better considering its half the price of razer orochi
Axea 12 dagar sedan
As a laptop guy I just use trackpad
手感微凉 12 dagar sedan
I mean why the Razer always copy logitech now? G502! G304! they are on the same level in the industry. it's a kind of shame.
xrva 12 dagar sedan
Eh I use a deathadder v2 pro and it's awesome (with laptop)
i have the longest name
why cant they lower the battery life by 5 hours??
Teo Plays
Teo Plays 12 dagar sedan
bruh thats too expensive
Pancake Z
Pancake Z 12 dagar sedan
Welp, I bought it, well see on wednesday if its better than the 305, thou in picture, the shape of it looks a lot better. For those who are deciding between the 2, 305 is cheaper, but at the same time, i get no grip with this mouse and honestly, i personally prefer a smaller shape. Grip can be fixed by adding some grip tape, luckily my brother had some lying around. But for a second opinion, ill let you guys know which mouse i return when the orochi arrives for some testing :)
Dylan Loo
Dylan Loo 12 dagar sedan
He pronounced "Orochi" so much differently in his "The Best Mouse for Laptops!" video
Tiggzg 12 dagar sedan
Another amazing review. Thanks 😉
cornfedwyteboy2 12 dagar sedan
I see you rocking the g-shock nice. Any more cool casios or watches?
Mystical Chief
Mystical Chief 12 dagar sedan
420 battery life nice
J Z 12 dagar sedan
At least the asterisk's explanation is right there and not buried somewhere else. I think they do that because batteries have different weights. They probably should've listed the rate with the included battery.
StillLife 12 dagar sedan
Tomboarder15 12 dagar sedan
checking battery percentage with the lithium battery is misleading. It is not 1.5V, so there is a little switching power supply in there (inside the battery casing) stepping it down to 1.5V. because of this, it will probably show full battery until it starts dying.
YuRen Wang
YuRen Wang 12 dagar sedan
U can try new finalmouse
Кот Матроскин
I use Razer Orochi 2011 with my G14
bubly lybub
bubly lybub 12 dagar sedan
can we take a listen how the clicks sound?
All Random Productions
All Random Productions 12 dagar sedan
The marketing doesn't matter, I've had my one and only experience with Razer customer service on the first product I owned from them and it was a terrible experience. Compared to their competitors, their customer service was very poor and they could care less about keeping customers around. Their product literally fell apart and degraded severely on me with minor use and they didn't even offer a discount to buy a new product from them, much less they didn't even care for me to send them the product to try and correct the issue, replace it, or anything else. Razer is on my blacklist, I'm never buying another product from them.
samarth shetty
samarth shetty 12 dagar sedan
Wut is the game at 6:40?
Manoj 12 dagar sedan
Hot sause is everywhere !
Slyger 12 dagar sedan
i mean tbh, it makes sense to buy the lithium battery anyways, no matter what the mouse, that's not really that bad of an assumption for razer to make.
Zak S
Zak S 13 dagar sedan
Dammit Dave, moisturize your hands!
shyam Mishra
shyam Mishra 13 dagar sedan
I was kind of expecting that plug in…
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