Samsung Galaxy S21 - What Is Going On? 

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Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21
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30 dec 2020



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Dave2D 3 månader sedan
The Galaxy S21 phones seems to have abnormally unimpressive specs. Why do you think they're doing this?
Connie Stiffler
Connie Stiffler 24 dagar sedan
They must be trying to get rid of them because they are offering carriers to sell BOGO.
DTC 3 månader sedan
I think you’re over thinking it. 1080p is cheaper, plastic back is cheaper. They think they can lean on their brand and make these cuts while maintaining pricing and increasing profits. Samsung/ Android does not have Apple level brand power lol. Also android peeps are all about “the specs”. Surely this will push some android users to other manufacturers
Eye Con
Eye Con 3 månader sedan
Because Samsung realized that it's most profitable and most popular phones are those selling in the budget-midrange (Galaxy FE, A51, A71, etc.)
Jeroen Witteveen
Jeroen Witteveen 3 månader sedan
Didn't the new director when he came more and more in charge, say that he wanted Samsung to go back to producing less costly stuff so that anybody could buy it? It seems to me that this is a start to go in that direction. Your theory Dave, seems not so valid to me, because they'd better make premium single screen phones then ànd premium double screen phones. They just want to get cheaper overall, is what I say.
Arthur Vicentini
Arthur Vicentini 3 månader sedan
@coolkidgandhi Not necessarily the asking price, but rather iPhone-sized profit (Apple has the lion's share of smartphone profits, despite not being the biggest smartphone seller)
Mino the mandarin
Mino the mandarin 2 dagar sedan
They would have removed the 14400p option to lower the price because the s21 is cheaper
Yel Hsa
Yel Hsa 12 dagar sedan
They are evolving backwards like apple
mizuxsion Månad sedan
I actually preferred the curve screen. For the shortcut edge screen buttons
Alex akaVea
Alex akaVea Månad sedan
could it be they are simplifying they're lineup? they always have some budget galaxy thats not with the lineup, maybe they are restructuring they're lineup like apple did with the 12? idk tho, seems weird
sal Månad sedan
wait yall actually care about the 1080p
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Månad sedan
The Note 9 is $1400 on Samsungs shop. Thats almost double the price it was at release. They know how bad their new phones are.
Patrik Falat
Patrik Falat Månad sedan
hey everyone, which do you recommend for better photos ? new S21 or S20 ultra which cost almost the same €....thanks
Lukas 2 månader sedan
Curved screens are much better
Emmanuel Pere
Emmanuel Pere 2 månader sedan
1080P and 1400p but 1080p i agree is weird Samsung did that but. 720 P display That phone is not Good but for they did 1080p cause they wanted a break of 1460P but i still tell no diffrence with 1080P Panel
Ari Budiono
Ari Budiono 2 månader sedan
Yes, I agree with you Dave. Especially, without micro SD card extension is a deal breaker for me.
corsair773 2 månader sedan
The annoying thing about Samsung is that they always commit themselves to some kind of obviously tacky fad, and try to force it on users until it becomes obvious it's not sticking. Curved screens, Bixby etc, now folding phones. Just make a normal phone that's good - that's what 95% of people want! Give it an SD or dual sim slot, a headphone jack, a decent camera and a good screen. All these fads end up being reasons why potential customers go with the competition.
J. Cardenas
J. Cardenas 2 månader sedan
Shoot, you want the best of Samsung? It is actually the A51.
Hippy Bogan
Hippy Bogan 2 månader sedan
Samsung have turned into the new Apple. Remove features, and charge more. Sorry but no more samsung for me
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty 2 månader sedan
@Hippy Bogan um india
Hippy Bogan
Hippy Bogan 2 månader sedan
@Aditya Pratap Chakraborty What country do you live in?
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty
Aditya Pratap Chakraborty 2 månader sedan
charge more???? s21 is cheaper than s20
A Channel Called East
A Channel Called East 2 månader sedan
Looks light a traffic light 🚦 on the back
Christoph Schoppe
Christoph Schoppe 2 månader sedan
That violet colour sick though
DOMg00g 2 månader sedan
I have very, VERY, bad vision, so when I use my phone in bed without glasses on, I use it right up next to my face. I went from an LG G6 to an S10e, and let me tell you, when you hold your phone that close, the downgrade from 1440p to 1080p is extremely noticeable. I hate to see this.
James Cebedo
James Cebedo 2 månader sedan
haha my s7 edge has 1440p
Gens Done Quick 2021
Gens Done Quick 2021 2 månader sedan
Apple finally got to Samsungs head and made them go insane
SMZ 2 månader sedan
BiG Like for 1440p to 1080p realy is horrible
Fred Lee
Fred Lee 2 månader sedan
When it is lacking so much things,is there any reason left to buy a flagship with premium price?
Miheer Poradiya
Miheer Poradiya 2 månader sedan
Amazfit neo on hand?
TankQ 2 månader sedan
Did Samsung not introduce a 1000 dollar note 20 with 2k(1080p) and plastic back and no micro sd as well. The S21 at least got a price drop. flat screen is a plus for my books, good plastic as well. sucks to lose the micro sd and lost the headphones long ago, and mst too, feels less samsung and more like competitors, especially those they mocked for not having QHD. Ever since they got the Ultra range, everything is sidelined, yeah fold is their new bread and butter, but Ultra too, they found a way to put the most expensive thing, in their most expensive phones, and the regular guys, just recycle old parts, and drop lots of competitive features.
Wabian Bickley
Wabian Bickley 2 månader sedan
The 1080p screen yeah that I don't understand. But the S21 do have a lot of Upgrades over the s20 . But Apple do wait years b4 they add certain features to the iPhone.
simonkee51 2 månader sedan
Its to reduce energy consumption and ultimately CO2 emissions. The average user will not notice a difference. I can barely see a difference on a 720p 32" TV and a full HD (or not one that affects enjoyment).
Luke O'Connell
Luke O'Connell 2 månader sedan
Plastic was always better than glass. Metal was better than either of them. The only benefit to non-metal backs is wireless charging. Meanwhile, glass is way more fragile, heavier, harder to grip, and more prone to streaks and scratches. Good plastic can solve all of those problems, but metal generally has a more premium feel. Maybe it's just a cost cutting thing, but I really hope this is a sign that companies are starting to realize glass was a gimmicky mistake from the beginning. I have a similar feeling with the screen. Higher resolution screens are definitely nicer to look at, but you start to hit diminishing returns above 1080p on a phone sized display. The more pixels you push, the higher the TDP goes. I'd argue out of the box battery life is more noticeable to the average consumer than 1080p vs 1440p. Or, it could just be a cheapskate move again. Hard to say, but there are upsides to theses changes.
chris huntly
chris huntly 2 månader sedan
U can get the note 20 ultra with all the specs for half the price now of the s21 ultra and still will be cheaper then the s21/s21+
Jordy Kommeren
Jordy Kommeren 2 månader sedan
S20/S20+ 4G versions (exynos europe/asia) had 8GB of ram..
Safir Aksel
Safir Aksel 2 månader sedan
Yeah.. I'm gonna be honest, Samsung S10 is the last great S phone Samsung has made. It's been declining ever since. Of course, they're turning into Apple.
Louise Yong
Louise Yong 2 månader sedan
Almost wanted to buy a samsung phone this year but the low resolution is stopping me. If i were to get a 1080p phone, there are so many other options available like oneplus. huawei..its a big NONO for me 1080p sucks!
ChristdamicoHD 2 månader sedan
XIAOMI MI 11Much better deal 1000% 🔥
Jonathan Church
Jonathan Church 2 månader sedan
It helps with battery life
LightEMup 2 månader sedan
First thing first, Dave I really like your channel and thanks for sharing the latest and useful tech with us - I've learnt a lot. One of the Samsung reps told me recently the reason why they removed the SD slot was that this is one of the advocates of Samsung in helping conserve the environment. The SD card production is one of the electronic/plastic waste that is the world is battling and that would be one of the little ways Samsung can contribute. Would you agree with that given you are in the chemicals industry and may have some insights on this? Thx Cheers Stan
Christopher Y
Christopher Y 2 månader sedan
Samsung shot thier own foot. The s21 is in my opinion is the worst new phone. Waiting for xiaomi! S10+ was the worst phone overall with high cost: Blurry camera. Even my s9+ was much better.
superjarri 2 månader sedan
1080p is plenty of resolution for a 6.2 inch screen. Many times brands add stupid features to their devices just because it sells more phones, even if those features don't add anything to the end result. They just put what they think we want, not what they should put to make the best phone.
HandlewithcareVibes 2 månader sedan
I don’t care I love my SE 2020
raghav agrawal
raghav agrawal 2 månader sedan
He actually convinced me not to buy S21, especially in India with higher rates in comparison to S20 when launched(with charger n earphone😁)
Ingagimusic 2 månader sedan
Thanks to the Huawei ban, samsung kinda lost a competitor. So there is really no reason to compete. A lower resolution is good for the battery. To be honest, unless you really look for it, you won't see the pixels. For me, The lack of competition is the most logical reason for Samsung not making an effort. Especially when you look at the price
Psyche Evolved
Psyche Evolved 2 månader sedan
No charger, no major upgrades at all, no innovation and people say oh its cheaper. Samsung users are becoming the same as apple users, obsessed with the brand. I had s10 plus and lost it. Got a oneplus 7t Pro and now on find x2 pro. I don't understand why people limit themselves to a brand they have been brainwashed by. I always look at all tech available and go for the best there is. Even when the s21 comes out, it still won't be the best available. Even reviewers help the brands by claiming they are better than they are. That's what is going on. Companies pay the reviewers, reviewers then lie to the people and the people become obsessed with the brands paying the most money. Apple and Samsung are the biggest in the game yet neither of them have the best devices.
Amazing Joshua
Amazing Joshua 2 månader sedan
Will stick to my note 8
piero914 2 månader sedan
The average consumer would definitely NOT be able to tell that the resolution has been dropped.
King Obsidian
King Obsidian 2 månader sedan
ew foldables
King Obsidian
King Obsidian 2 månader sedan
i have an s10. i either have to wait a whole year to check out the s22 or get an iphone
leokimvideo 2 månader sedan
LOL, the 1080p argument is like people complaining that their 8K shows look like rubbish in a mobile phone. It's pretty obvious they have made the smart choice and made a cheaper phone that you throw away in a few years. Welcome to the future.
Derek Carter
Derek Carter 2 månader sedan
While that argument is mostly sound the only hole in it is just that samsung manufactures the screens. So the difference in cost likely isn't that large.
psynchro 2 månader sedan
exactly. And I run my s9 at 1080 because....why? It was so silly to me when they made the switch. I used to look at monitors that were 1024 x 768 at the same viewing distance as I look at my phone because, you know, my eyes aren't microscopic macro lenses. The jump from 640 x 480 was great, and the move to 1920 x 1080 was also great. The jump beyond 1080 on a thing that fits in your hand is not worth it, and they are adjusting for digging deep into the measurebation hole where people care about pixel resolution and how much actual RAM a phone has, rather than how it performs. It is not that they care more about foldables. They are adjusting back to reality.
David Gunther
David Gunther 2 månader sedan
Maybe they're planning for a more price sensitive market with economic projections from mid last year? Or foldable is their focus now.
Trent Reagan
Trent Reagan 2 månader sedan
I think it's they realize with the way the economy is with the pandemic. Lack of money flowing they need to have a S series drop they might be trying to make it great but more affordable. Balancing function and price.
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill 2 månader sedan
Samsung is throwing. Might be time to go back to iPhone after 8 years
Aka Hakusho
Aka Hakusho 2 månader sedan
The reality is that most users left it at 1080p for the 120hz. 120hz matters more than QHD
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Lower res = better gaming performance and longer battery life
Abdul Malik
Abdul Malik 2 månader sedan
They dropping specs now so when s22 comes out it looks alot better Cos if they dropping from 1080p then hopefully on s22 they'll bring back the 1080p with 120ghz refesh rate it'll look way more better
Nafees 2 månader sedan
The Fan Edition was a experiment and it worked for them.
Henry Netwurk
Henry Netwurk 2 månader sedan
If the price is affordable, i would buy it, i guess Samsung understand... its a corona thing.
Jan Bednarz
Jan Bednarz 2 månader sedan
My theory is that the 1080p Panel has something to do with what the average user of their phone expects and needs and maybe battery life. Now this is an assumption, but claiming a 1080p 120Hz panel won't kill your battery like a WQHD 120Hz is probably an easy assumption to make. The harder part would be the user experience. I've personally gone from 1080p to 1440p back to 1080p. Did I notice the diffrence? Yes. Did I shit my pants? No. Half the content you can consume today is in FHD, most things I do won't require those extra pixels. Are they nice to have tho? Yeah and my biggest concern is that Samsung is missing that having 2k or 4k or 8k content in the near future is what's coming and they should not put as much attention on what is being watched or played today, but what will be watched and played tomorrow.
Shiver Bliss
Shiver Bliss 2 månader sedan
suddenly my s9+ seems to be the best phone still... why can't companies just give the consumers what they want and not remove any more features...
Tree50 Glass
Tree50 Glass 2 månader sedan
Still have my s8plus..luv the violet but I want an earphone opening..earbuds just ant more thing to keep charged !
Matheus Barbosa
Matheus Barbosa 2 månader sedan
Adam Eckenrode
Adam Eckenrode 2 månader sedan
All these new phones are just getting bad. They're getting better, while getting worse at the same time. They're turning into money grabs. The phone is too attractive in my opinion. The pen is a joke in my opinion. Not too many people will buy it separate and use that hideous case with it. It's too expensive of an accessory as well. The cameras are gimmicks in my opinion. 90% of everyday people just take a selfie or take a photo of a fan dog or animal or some stupid food they had for dinner. These ridiculous zooms and other weird features are just so the companies can flex their muscles. Most people are very basic pic takers. Like snapping a pic of something their child did. Of people are trying to be professional photographers they just buy a high end camera. The ONLY features I look at in a new phone is screen size, battery size, chipset. When I was younger, I was all about buying the biggest newest top of the line phone 10 years ago. But now I'm all for budget. The $500-$700 phones do all the daily tasks and apps and social medias just as well as the top of the line. The gap between top of the line and low end is negligible anymore.
Maou 123
Maou 123 2 månader sedan
Personally at that screen size i doubt youd notice the resolution drop from 1440 to 1080.
Artūras Morkūnas
Artūras Morkūnas 2 månader sedan
The thing that keeps bothering me in these reviews, ¨thanks Apple¨? So if this is such a BAD decision by apple, why other companies are following it? is it the fault of apple? Is there any kind of regulation in place or something? otherwise, I see the situation where there is a company that made a decision and the other one is following...
Robert Karlsson
Robert Karlsson 2 månader sedan
This phone is as bad as iPhone... Chambolic!!!
Hello There
Hello There 2 månader sedan
Boring & over hyped---S21 series....
Dhanar Putra
Dhanar Putra 2 månader sedan
My conclusion on Galaxy S21 : *_TRASH ALREADY, TRASH !!!_* Their OneUI is still the worst UI and they had done this move? I guess it's going downhill from here.
lordspam 2 månader sedan
I dropped my XR with a case on the day before trading in my iphone and the back cracked. Glass on the back on the phone is the dumbest thing and just shows how dumb the average person is for wanting.
Ot Emoyon-Iredia
Ot Emoyon-Iredia 2 månader sedan
... puzzlement.
Thomas Bridle
Thomas Bridle 2 månader sedan
I think realistically the resolution isn't an issue. There is hardly any content that actually benefits from it at normal viewing distances. Unless you're really into reading tiny tiny text.
buffalofrenchy 2 månader sedan
Yeah but if it's free it makes it worth it right?
TheRussianLondoner 2 månader sedan
Ultra line is the new S-line fused with Note line... And the S line now, with S21 is now for those who want a smartphone under 1000$
Vlad Doniga11
Vlad Doniga11 2 månader sedan
Me with my Samsung Galaxy s8 happy knowing that I have a better screen than a 1000$ phone
poumendra pradhan
poumendra pradhan 2 månader sedan
What is the watch you wearing ??
Wan 2 månader sedan
Smartphone prices had been ridiculously overpriced since the last decade, so what can we do to solve it? Buy less phones, or buy underrated brands so that the smartphone market will come crashing down. As long as there still people buy that expensive shit, nothing will ever changes. The only thing that change is the company will have thicker pockets with your hard-earned dollars
Adam Rought
Adam Rought 2 månader sedan
I'm probably unpopular or whatever but I never run 1440. I need to make calls all day, I need to preserve my battery. My eyes forget what the difference is quickly. I just don't want lag. Also plastic back is fine who cares. Don't care about charger brick, mine never even gets out of the box anyway. I think samsung finally is understanding what people actually want and care about. Flat screen, less glass, cheaper, better battery. I don't need 4k screens and dumb gimmicks
Mayur Pahuja
Mayur Pahuja 2 månader sedan
Your Theory is wrong. 1080p panel cost less than 4k. No sd card means no license charges for it and to make people depend on integrated cloud of Microsoft. No charger means another cost cutting. Still High price means they are greedy. They dont care about consumer now.
Adrian Petrescu
Adrian Petrescu 2 månader sedan
My conspiration theory: some Apple spies have infiltrated Samsung. Or maybe they thought they have too much advantage over Apple and they're playing stupid until *💥 bi***es* you thought you have us?
Adrian Petrescu
Adrian Petrescu 2 månader sedan
Finally! Someone who shows some reasoning!!! Thank you, Dave! Please God, let Samsung sells go fast down. What on earth is going on with this company?! I was mocking Dj Koh, but now I miss him..
Pawan Sharma
Pawan Sharma 2 månader sedan
Samsung no matter how expensive the phone is it will give trouble . May hang , battery draining , etc I quit buying samsung phones for good .
Mark Pointon
Mark Pointon 2 månader sedan
I blame people without prescription glasses :P
DSP Even darker
DSP Even darker 2 månader sedan
Okay apple needs to fuck off no charger is beyond stupid.
Felix Junyan
Felix Junyan 2 månader sedan
1440p is over rated.. just like curved screen
Eric 2 månader sedan
Rentap Warrior
Rentap Warrior 2 månader sedan
Im at a point that i hv realised Samsung hv lack of ideas already to be innovative on making their latest phones. Each year after note 9, only minimal upgrade n changes happened. U dissapointed me Samsung.
Henriko Magnifico
Henriko Magnifico 2 månader sedan
Hole punch, plastic, removed features and charger and 1080p... oh my god 🥴
wildreams 2 månader sedan
They want to make their phone battery last longer?
Ali Montero
Ali Montero 2 månader sedan
Felicitaciones por tus videos, son muy buenas las reseñas.
S MH 2 månader sedan
So my galaxy s6 edge has a better resolution than s21 And it's curved And it's made of glass Good job samsung
NMDK Design
NMDK Design 2 månader sedan
They still had 1080p displays lying around.That is the only reason why there is a 1080p display in the new devices.
Serch Visual
Serch Visual 2 månader sedan
That hole in the screen does not convince me, it should already be all screen.
twoAm 2 månader sedan
I truthfully don't care about a folding phone.
twoAm 2 månader sedan
Most people can't notice, it provides better battery and lowers the price.
Harpax A
Harpax A 2 månader sedan
They just want to get people to buy the Ultra, just like the case with Tab S7 LCD Panel... WTFFF ? They force to buy the S7+
Kenneth Leland
Kenneth Leland 2 månader sedan
People don't want and won't buy a Flagship Smartphone without a 1440p resolution screen so Samsung is out for many of us. Samsung, you made a big boo boo!
Brandon Kelleher
Brandon Kelleher 2 månader sedan
1080p vs 1440p isn't that big of a deal a phone but I don't want to upgrade to something worse then I already have
awdrifter3 2 månader sedan
I have a Samsung S8+, it came with charger and headphones. If they are releasing downgraded specs as "Fan Editions", they better release some "Haters Edition" that has charger, headphone, 1440p, 12gb RAM, and SD slot.
Rich Cacace
Rich Cacace 2 månader sedan
And to boot, they eliminated the expandable micro SD slot ! That's one of the main reasons why I bought my Galaxy S20 Ultra. I hop they realize that there are some of us actually way the extra storage & change things with the next model.
allli abdull
allli abdull 2 månader sedan
So where is: -No charging plug -1080p Screen -No sim Card slot -64 MP Camera? This is a great example of why you should never trust leaks and rumors fully. Theyre mostly false.
Thales Braga
Thales Braga 2 månader sedan
yeah u r right, s21 is totally skippable. and samsung is thinking wrong, the future is the ROLLABLE PHONES. =)
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 månader sedan
And yet when Sony Xperia introduced the 4K screen, you guys called it a gimmick. So what is it really? Do you want high resolution or not? I know, the only reason to bashing anything Android is because most reviewers on SElosk are Apple fanboys. When Tim Cook take a shit, you'll all scoop it and call it the best ever ice cream flavored shit.
Mark Robby
Mark Robby 2 månader sedan
You speak but cant prove it. If it's gonna make any different with the low res, then show us the different
Nick Baldonado
Nick Baldonado 2 månader sedan
I decide to try out iPhone recently and I regret it. I might buy this phone, I can’t wait iPhone. No disrespect to people who like iPhone but it’s not for me. It’s so limited no features. Overall iPhone is boring. I’ll probably buy the Samsung s21 plus violet
lonelywuffy 2 månader sedan
A Flat screen is a feature now? Haha.
DCMX 2 månader sedan
He made false claims before the actual release of the product -reverting to 1080p from 1440p -cheap looks, actually everyone now loves Phantom Black -8GB Ram, whereas 12-16GB Ram -the whole fact chart 4:31 is misleading -storage to 256 whereas 512 GB Now 4:40 Big Question why do you believe in rumours & made us too?
Ev J
Ev J 2 månader sedan
I think the previous models were forcing carriers (at least here in Canada) to charge like $40-50 a month for the phone over a 2-year contract. This is addition to the $85 data plan locked to 2 years. This may be a move to lower monthly cost of having a phone.