My Personal Setup from 2020 

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The tech and gear I used the most this year.
The Laptop - amzn.to/3m7os0p
Wide Screen - amzn.to/3qVzZUr
Mouse 1 - amzn.to/3a2AqGo
Mouse 2 - amzn.to/3qQIujh
Keyboard - amzn.to/3mb8VNg
Mousepad - amzn.to/37SMJlL
Phone - amzn.to/3qPufeA
Green Earbud Holder - amzn.to/3a3SlfB
Surface Headphones - amzn.to/37SruAF
Battery - amzn.to/3oGAyzm
Flat Charger - amzn.to/2IFI7a5
Multi Cable - amzn.to/3mahEPB
Multi Cable (USB-C) - amzn.to/2JOIUX0
Drive - amzn.to/3oM9P4e
Watch - amzn.to/3m9t32h
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11 dec 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Hk 3 dagar sedan
why would you use the trash razor, xps 17 are so much better.
Russel Kabir
Russel Kabir 7 dagar sedan
Paradox 7 dagar sedan
Love your work. Where do you get those awsome wallpapers??
tiofos 9 dagar sedan
why the hell did he include a knife to the "setup for 2020"
Truth & Tradition
Truth & Tradition 9 dagar sedan
is this how every prominent tech guy's setup look like?
Scott 15 dagar sedan
Man your thumbnail game has always been amazing but damn, this one is clean af
Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem 16 dagar sedan
your setup just called me broke in 15 languages
Joseph Mcqueen
Joseph Mcqueen 16 dagar sedan
dude i want to live your life, not for the devices but how clean everything is. i want to maintain my house like you do
nidust ash
nidust ash 19 dagar sedan
Hi Dave, I'm a big fan of yours, can you give me advice on where I can get the wallpaper you are having in the thumbnail, also where can I find some of them, I pretty much love these kinds of theme but just have no idea what is it called
Z3iM '
Z3iM ' 20 dagar sedan
I did not find the link of the backpack 💔
Prathav J
Prathav J 23 dagar sedan
anyone knows the name of the music track playing in the background?
roentgen 24 dagar sedan
Finally things i can afford: pens
Karina Matos
Karina Matos 27 dagar sedan
Where did you get that background in the computer?
Benjamin Ridgers
Benjamin Ridgers 28 dagar sedan
You seem to like the colour blue
OMEN Editor
OMEN Editor 29 dagar sedan
Hp omen 2020 is better
Yoseph Yan
Yoseph Yan 29 dagar sedan
What case is on his iPad?
Charlie Friedland
Charlie Friedland Månad sedan
Hey guys! Today we are going to look at my laptopS and my phoneS and my IpadS
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Månad sedan
I love youtubers like this who are straight to the point and not try to be funny or quirky
Alan Gramont
Alan Gramont Månad sedan
Way to treat yourself. I’m a 49 yr old software developer and I don’t think I’ve spent as much money on all the tech I’ve every own than you had on that desk. Good for you.
Emerson Hardebeck
Emerson Hardebeck Månad sedan
Dave given how much you love teal, you should review the Propella ebike, I think you'd enjoy it
Sekh Azizul
Sekh Azizul Månad sedan
i only the aesthetics
Mono Yous
Mono Yous Månad sedan
I have no idea about the proper Laptop I will own. I bought Macbook Pro M1 13'' 16GB RAM 1TB SSD for the first time just to learn video editing.
knighthawk676 Månad sedan
where can i get that teal blue cable Dave2D
Mitz539 Månad sedan
where wallpaper
Fabio Cingolani
Fabio Cingolani Månad sedan
love your videos! You're great man
Le Enorme Ee
Le Enorme Ee Månad sedan
u should try Garmin 6 pro Solar in Cobalt Blue for wacth if you kinda sport guy.. they also got Blue Accent which will match ur Suit. wanna copy ur EcoSystem one day 🤍💙
Joseph Zimmerman
Joseph Zimmerman Månad sedan
Didn't talk about the monitor...
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson Månad sedan
Look into AirMessage to get iMessage on your Android phone. Then ditch the iPhone 😁 Btw I have the same G-Shock in matte black, much respect for not rocking a Apple Watch 😂
Mohamed Amr
Mohamed Amr Månad sedan
I want that wallpaper in the thumbnail SO BADDD!
Christopher Pan
Christopher Pan Månad sedan
7:28 I thought you were gonna timelapse yourself stuffing everything into that backpack.
Bedrock Vietnam
Bedrock Vietnam Månad sedan
You know...I did love it.
Felipe Catz
Felipe Catz Månad sedan
fuck, aestheticc
Richard Phipp
Richard Phipp Månad sedan
4:09 how to blow up your freaking room.
Kelzen Månad sedan
How about your monitor?
Eduardo Carvalho
Eduardo Carvalho Månad sedan
Nice. The only thing I have in this video is a G-Shock. Lol
Luqman Ul Hakim
Luqman Ul Hakim Månad sedan
Dude the hoodie
jacob giglio
jacob giglio Månad sedan
Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, Hp omen 15, Lenovo Legion 7i or a razor blade, what would be the best for work and play???
Pranav Sawant
Pranav Sawant Månad sedan
Was it green or yellow?
Aleks Ste
Aleks Ste Månad sedan
Why is nobody talking about the awesome looking backpack and that its sold out on every platform?!
Matt Costello
Matt Costello Månad sedan
Can not find it anywhere
Nguyen Diep
Nguyen Diep Månad sedan
The well-to-do vacation coincidingly wreck because parallelogram prenatally present amidst a impossible camera. proud, material shark
krow Worst
krow Worst Månad sedan
The temporary spade pathologically name because jar biophysically work unlike a abusive basketball. ambitious, sturdy market
Jason gamer
Jason gamer Månad sedan
WHAT THAT IS NOT BRIGHT GREEN BUT BRIGHT YELLOW. keep up the good work and while you 're at it go check your eyes as well
Its Monke
Its Monke Månad sedan
I WOULD reccomend a hp envy for budget setups
windkiller97 Månad sedan
How hot does ur razer blade become and would you recommend it for some1 still in 2020 with all the amd competition?
joshoowa _
joshoowa _ Månad sedan
What’s the light sticks in the corner called?
Mohit Khare
Mohit Khare Månad sedan
My favourite colour is TEAL (Thankyou E.v.g.a. And Lee).
josue B.
josue B. Månad sedan
4:22 what the hell brother?
Kasuto Kirigaya
Kasuto Kirigaya Månad sedan
Anyone got the link to the the wallpaper he used in this video? For his Laptop?
arif uddin chowdhury
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ujjwal singh
ujjwal singh Månad sedan
what do you use to clean laptop screen ??
Mo A
Mo A Månad sedan
Im just guessing here but I think your favourite colour is blue.
Vasanthi Rao
Vasanthi Rao Månad sedan
Send me a laptop for my online class I’m just attending in the public computers so plays we have that much money to buy one so send me
Teemu Varismäki
Teemu Varismäki Månad sedan
whats his wallpaper ?
Hossein Månad sedan
I mean this green of violet marvelous mix
Hossein Månad sedan
May I have your desktop image Dave?
Michael Belt
Michael Belt Månad sedan
what is the brand of your earbud holders (bright green)
Tejas Atram
Tejas Atram Månad sedan
Setup tour ALL WHITE
Wisteria Berlitz
Wisteria Berlitz Månad sedan
03:33 Looks Yellow to me, is Dave color deficient?
LoL XD Månad sedan
4:10 idk why but that looks cursed af 😂
Tech Mania LTD
Tech Mania LTD Månad sedan
Dave has OCD .⊙﹏⊙
Frederik Chr.
Frederik Chr. Månad sedan
where to find the blue book for notes?
Edu Pucheta
Edu Pucheta Månad sedan
I like the lamps you have in the backgroud. Can you do review about them? :P
Alwin Joseph
Alwin Joseph Månad sedan
That MacBook wallpaper is cool. Wish I had it.
Shairbek Baltabaev
Shairbek Baltabaev Månad sedan
How old are you?
Mohit Patel
Mohit Patel Månad sedan
Can someone tell me what those wallpaper types are called ?? Like ones made of only digital colors
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah Månad sedan
Waiting for my G Pro Superlight. Finally, logitech produces their gorgeous white thingys.
Samarth Khurana
Samarth Khurana Månad sedan
Zen Caviar
Zen Caviar Månad sedan
video blogging on a RED......🤯
adrian noble
adrian noble Månad sedan
Lâm Triển Lương
crazy rich asian, love you Dave!
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Månad sedan
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Mas Umar
Mas Umar Månad sedan
I love watching things I can't afford
Mas Umar
Mas Umar Månad sedan
I love watching things I can't afford
Zayan Qazi
Zayan Qazi Månad sedan
Revelation: Dave Lee is color blind 03:31 . Bright green???
Azzurri82 Månad sedan
Favorite video!
Rorisang Monaledi
Rorisang Monaledi Månad sedan
Why don’t you just get a full gaming pc as opposed to a laptop? If you’re using a monitor then it’s not like mobility is much of a factor. Especially when you have another laptop available for productivity if ever you need to work on the move?
4:22 oWo my head went 🧨🎆 he done yeeted that plug
ziranshu Zhang
ziranshu Zhang Månad sedan
WOW someone review edge tech prods all days has something such normal.. interesting
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour Månad sedan
Is anyone gonna tell Dave those earphone holders are yellow?
Happie Name
Happie Name Månad sedan
Wat's specs u have on u'r razer blade 15 / 2019?
Михаил Скорбеж
Дохуя барахла на столе.)
Lightspeed Månad sedan
thats yellow
Khayotbek Kamchiev
Khayotbek Kamchiev Månad sedan
Dave tricked the battery pack :)
Mathe mit Nullplan
Mathe mit Nullplan Månad sedan
wow you are using a mouse without usb-c support and an ipad when there is a samsung s7+ with oled existing. i think you are getting old ;-)
pola gerges
pola gerges Månad sedan
4:07 Einstein tried committed suicide in heaven
Matthew Bono
Matthew Bono 2 månader sedan
The strange quince lally play because cancer prenatally grin unlike a unsuitable jute. aggressive, invincible poultry
SOLDIER TECH GAMING 2 månader sedan
Dave, let me know when you get on the sticks. lol. I wouldn't mind getting some COD, APEX on.
Lukas 2 månader sedan
2:30 iPhone 12 Pro (Max)....?
summer mackay
summer mackay 2 månader sedan
So much respect for you, you legit have such good taste in machines
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 2 månader sedan
Wallpaper link please
Penelope Guest
Penelope Guest 2 månader sedan
4:21 I'm shocked and confused lol
Matt R
Matt R 2 månader sedan
No seriously where can I get my hands on that hoodie?
dipak vbr
dipak vbr 2 månader sedan
Its a refreshing video..thnks dave
kenny Coughlan
kenny Coughlan 2 månader sedan
Hey dave 2d... Love your videos... Just 1 thing.. its perfectly correct to say mouses en lieu of mice.. Collins dictionary incorporated it many years ago.. keep up the good work bud. Peace
Aliff Suhaidi
Aliff Suhaidi 2 månader sedan
that bag pack tho 😍❤️
Simplify 2 månader sedan
where can I find the wallpaper of the laptop?
matthew moi
matthew moi 2 månader sedan
Keanu Frith
Keanu Frith 2 månader sedan
please tell us what type of pens they are. I genuinely want to know
Enes Algül
Enes Algül 2 månader sedan
everything has Cyan and Light Gray combine i see
Mr. Bigboy
Mr. Bigboy 2 månader sedan
Dang SON, Buy yourself some airpods, instead of those ratchet cabled buds! Peace and love
Mr. Bigboy
Mr. Bigboy 2 månader sedan
@Dave2D I'll happily take them off your hands
Dave2D 2 månader sedan
Nah. Have em. They sit on a shelf.
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