Cyberpunk 2077 Loot Unboxing 

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Cyberpunk 2077 special and limited Edition loot unboxing
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27 nov 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Dave2D 4 månader sedan
I'm so stoked for Cyberpunk 2077
Hendrix Jose
Hendrix Jose 21 dag sedan
@Inocencia Monsen Cool! It took about 10 minutes but it worked!
Inocencia Monsen
Inocencia Monsen 21 dag sedan
dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it ;)
Arhum Khokhar
Arhum Khokhar Månad sedan
Thats a shame
J M 3 månader sedan
Are you still?
M ALI N 4 månader sedan
@Chris Magallanes Holy shit yes 😂😂
Omar Ekanta
Omar Ekanta 22 dagar sedan
this did not age well :/
Just some Forest Ranger with Internet Access
boi were we wrong
Brandonvo 29 dagar sedan
“I know the gameplay is gonna be really good” Well.......
DebzLife Månad sedan
0:18 *_hahahahahahahahahaha_* *_only if he knew..._*
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
Gonna need an extra kidney for the cyber punk edition alien ware
Yoshikage EHKOS
Yoshikage EHKOS Månad sedan
That flickering Samurai logo is the coolest thing in this video besides Dave
Godys Studio
Godys Studio 2 månader sedan
And now
Flippin Tomato
Flippin Tomato 2 månader sedan
0:18 You sure about that !?!?!?!?!
Christian Llanos
Christian Llanos 2 månader sedan
I think this video didn't age well
Alien CIA
Alien CIA 2 månader sedan
This opinion did not age well
UpsideDownX 2 månader sedan
this video aged well...
Aryan Goud
Aryan Goud 2 månader sedan
Mannnnnn checkout the Nvidea sharpening filter. It changes the game! It gets rid of the blur and makes it look even better than 1080p on a 1080p screen. Dk why it's not talked about much! am talking for 1440p monitor screens that are coming out for laptops!
moumen dorbane
moumen dorbane 2 månader sedan
dave talking about how good yhe graphics are me watching the video on 144p
DavidGamerTech 2 månader sedan
DavidGamerTech 2 månader sedan
Dave lee remember you subscribe to me
DavidGamerTech 2 månader sedan
neosrt10 2 månader sedan
So now with all the bugs and problems with just wonder how it feels to have these Cyberpunk edition items for those who paid more....theres also that Cyberpunk Xbox One X.
Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero
What a bunch of bullshit.
Thunder Kunt
Thunder Kunt 3 månader sedan
That didn’t age well 😂😂
J P 3 månader sedan
This OnePlus material is similar to their ONEPLUS 2 material...!!😃
relic inn
relic inn 3 månader sedan
8 years but people want their money back
Black Sabbath30
Black Sabbath30 3 månader sedan
Cyberpunk 2077 2077 Vault-Tec: *heavy breathing*
VenompoolYT Gaming
VenompoolYT Gaming 3 månader sedan
Sub for a sub
Kanishk Sagar
Kanishk Sagar 3 månader sedan
This video didn't age well.
Coolcam 3 månader sedan
Was gonna comment this
艾KAGE艾 3 månader sedan
i'm so jealous wtf
Brad Fogle
Brad Fogle 3 månader sedan
Ohh you clickbait son of a gun, I thought the yellow case was one of the items! 🤪
wannes ceulemans
wannes ceulemans 3 månader sedan
You really don't want to be seen with that thing anymore...
SNKR BOTTING 3 månader sedan
The psychedelic zipper rheologically handle because underwear pathophysiologically guard versus a minor beaver. naughty, mysterious account
SNKR BOTTING 3 månader sedan
The thoughtless cone unintentionally look because flavor worryingly overflow mid a ajar lycra. calm, exotic author
Lucifer303 3 månader sedan
Dave you made a huge mistake for not taking about the camera theme on that phone It literally making you photo cyberpunk
John Stelluto
John Stelluto 3 månader sedan
This didn't age very well
Anthony_Adam0707 3 månader sedan
is it only me who thought a cyberpunk csgo case opening?
Osman Kara
Osman Kara 3 månader sedan
how can i buy these staff
Kong 3 månader sedan
Hot damn, that phone's neon theming. Just, damn.
Danny Dev
Danny Dev 3 månader sedan
The tasty tire geometrically bury because basement proximately reach via a hallowed caterpillar. careless, detailed bus
LAV you
LAV you 3 månader sedan
I want everything in apex legends edition!
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 3 månader sedan
Bro that i don't usually see Dave throw or slam his stuff, but if he does, it's smooth af. 6:20. 😂😂
Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar 3 månader sedan
am waiting for gta 6 oneplus
Charlie Pun
Charlie Pun 3 månader sedan
that phone is absolutely stunning omg
Nikita Saveliew
Nikita Saveliew 4 månader sedan
what is this laptop?
darkmagic 4 månader sedan
I wish it come with Google play store
akaCristi 4 månader sedan
mfw they put the tf2 logo on the laptop
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
this is a problem. Everytime dave gets hyped for a game it is just ruined overwatch: while at launch it was good, it became worse over the years, with the devs giving in to weird fanfics no man's sky: big world, but was empty and boring nothing good came out of it until some years of patching and now cyberpunk 2077: very bugged game, and runs like ass on 10 and 20 series cards. even at medium this is a coicidence that evrytime he gets hyped for a game it gets ruined. but its still bad
radarpinki 4 månader sedan
Ironic how the cyberpunk dystopian techy phone is exclusive to a tech dystopia haha
rahul wagh
rahul wagh 4 månader sedan
Plzz more vid share to laptop
rahul wagh
rahul wagh 4 månader sedan
I have purchase laptop, plzz tell me laptop name and price in india or launched date
Oliver Grewin
Oliver Grewin 4 månader sedan
The graphics are pretty much the same as Gta 5 tho🤷‍♂️
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
@Oliver Grewin thats a small hardly uniteractible map, with no real time npcs or missions what so ever lol
Oliver Grewin
Oliver Grewin 4 månader sedan
@NR NJN it is tho, aka Warzone
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
@Oliver Grewin again thats not massively open world
Oliver Grewin
Oliver Grewin 4 månader sedan
@NR NJN yeah that's true, but I've been playing Modern Warfare for a while which has really good graphics, and so I compare it with that..
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
lol how, the buiding textures are way better, and so it the lighting
Aditya Shinde
Aditya Shinde 4 månader sedan
Karl Green
Karl Green 4 månader sedan
It's sandstone. Hallmark for ONEPLUS
VonZayka 4 månader sedan
слишком дохера рекламы....больше рекламы - хуже продукт!
G.Pak 4 månader sedan
i remmber when we game in `90`s in buddy house Poland like rpg and now Polish company do this. Im glad for that and proud for Cd Projekt :)
Wallin Hyslop
Wallin Hyslop 4 månader sedan
The pushy gosling kinetically remember because celery greely bake pace a lopsided atom. questionable, wholesale growth
Epikologie 4 månader sedan
John lam
John lam 4 månader sedan
I think the phone backing is a marbled carbonfiber.
snipah *
snipah * 4 månader sedan
The phone should have been yellow! Hello!?
snipah *
snipah * 4 månader sedan
Laptop skin too busy, ick. Hit with unwanted graffiti.
Dynamo 4 månader sedan
What are the kinds of boxes called? (the big yellow one around 1:03)
DerArty 4 månader sedan
7:28 Has he never seen metal?
william martinez
william martinez 4 månader sedan
Do you actually have to return this stuff ?
MorganFreeBoy64 4 månader sedan
there was more effort put in to stretch the video to 10 minutes than there was in in the making of it
Sunny Surwade
Sunny Surwade 4 månader sedan
Cyberpunk themed chargers for this gaming laptop will be amazing
Sanjay Kamble
Sanjay Kamble 4 månader sedan
Imagine if gta develops the special edition gta themed version backpack with mobile,laptop,earpods,etc.... just imagine Gta would get billionaire...
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
@Sanjay Kamble i dont want it to earn that much
Sanjay Kamble
Sanjay Kamble 4 månader sedan
@NR NJN so think that how much gta will earn when releasing gta 6 .....
NR NJN 4 månader sedan
so newsflash but gta 5 has earned 6 billion dollars, so...
Fajar Putra
Fajar Putra 4 månader sedan
this is the first time i've seen video game became "trend"
Babita Gujral
Babita Gujral 4 månader sedan
Other tech SEloskrs : oh we can only afford a mobile phone box. Over Dave Lee : Brings whole loot box..
Jesse Kauffman
Jesse Kauffman 4 månader sedan
I don’t play video games but this game looks good
Ceyhun Cey-_-
Ceyhun Cey-_- 4 månader sedan
fuckin stupid clickbater
Games plan
Games plan 4 månader sedan
"apple has left the chat"
Mehmet Akif
Mehmet Akif 4 månader sedan
Neil Edgar
Neil Edgar 4 månader sedan
not surprised if the next thing i know theres a custom cyberpunk themed fleshlight or something
ferdinand he
ferdinand he 4 månader sedan
don’t u know how to download google play as SEloskr?
Gabe Goffin
Gabe Goffin 4 månader sedan
I believe that is forged carbon fiber
Aeu 4 månader sedan
Goodness the Fone!
PNW Affliction
PNW Affliction 4 månader sedan
love that mouse!
G O D 4 månader sedan
damn ill never see or touch these in my life but they look crazy as hell
mrfrosty3 4 månader sedan
That is very pretty work on the phone and I think they could create a market for those pins. I wonder if there is a market for designer editions of phones at accessible prices. Smartphone design is so dull, a unique look may appeal.
MouritoGaia 4 månader sedan
SHAWAL FIDA 4 månader sedan
Cyberpunk xbox looks cool too
Thechainlard 4 månader sedan
In 2077 I'll be 80, and I'll definitely play this game for the sake of it
KRX Gaming
KRX Gaming 4 månader sedan
Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 2080Ti is the best.
ShipWreck 4 månader sedan
Michael Henry
Michael Henry 4 månader sedan
got to the china exclusive part... Nooooo....
Sveiti 4 månader sedan
i would do ridiculous things for that laptop...
Song Qin
Song Qin 4 månader sedan
does onplus 8T cyberpunk edition work in the US.?
ink_ well
ink_ well 4 månader sedan
Great video and some very cool tech. I am very disappointed the phone is a China exclusive.
h3llh0und00 4 månader sedan
Unfortunately the phone is onyl avaialble in China and pretty soon in Malaysia... Also the phone is sand blasted in order to make it have that "stonish" effect
DeAn H
DeAn H 4 månader sedan
Why would you buy this, so dumb
Srihan Reddy
Srihan Reddy 4 månader sedan
Me: waiting for Dave to say okay Dave: alright
Gregory Gomez
Gregory Gomez 4 månader sedan
Charging Cable: * is red * Dave: * moves his hands to grab spray paint * oh wait i have to return this unit.
Mit Mit
Mit Mit 4 månader sedan
cyber punk 2077 just fit well into techs product for sure. i want to gett all 3 item nowwwwww
Eyasluna 4 månader sedan
i want that phone cover
Oguzuke 4 månader sedan
Is there any way to get that laptop skin?? Or similar laptop skins? PLEASE THIS LOOKS WAY TOO GOOD !!!
Chidera Eso
Chidera Eso 4 månader sedan
Speaking of red and not yellow cables... Does anybody remember that Dave Lee D2D exclusive teal oneplus cable? 😅
cali nimr
cali nimr 4 månader sedan
O man. The fon is beautiful.
pawan gs
pawan gs 4 månader sedan
Yellow is the new black🔥
Void 4 månader sedan
ive never seen somebody be so amazed by the blackplate
Felix Ezema
Felix Ezema 4 månader sedan
I don't think i've seen Dave this excited. lol!
HERO Gaming
HERO Gaming 4 månader sedan
I n Nepal this year is 2077 in actuality 8th month
Blastboys // Octave
Blastboys // Octave 4 månader sedan
comes with everything... but the game...
Mzwa S
Mzwa S 4 månader sedan
@6:12 “you also get the phone.” I’d honestly forgotten that’s the main product 😅😂
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