Asus ROG Phone 5 - It has EVERYTHING 

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My review of the Asus ROG Phone 5 including the Ultimate Edition
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10 mar 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Dave2D Månad sedan
18 GB RAM on a blue and white phone... 💙
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 dagar sedan
The only problem with this phone is screen resolution some people say it doesn't make a difference or you can't notice the higher resolution but in real life you can see the difference
Munna Al Masud
Munna Al Masud 7 dagar sedan
Hi how is Red Magic 5g Review that one
Sisi Coco
Sisi Coco 10 dagar sedan
8 GB is enough. I run 7 apps together to just tease my device but still it doesn't go above 5.8 GB ram usage. Teasing means , pubg+ coc+cod+ real racing 3. It heats but never lags. So 18 GB is just unusable. It's a big number to show but, also increases price of the Device.
Aniq Ismail
Aniq Ismail 14 dagar sedan
Gan you giveaway to me please
Mimwau Bayanun
Mimwau Bayanun 20 dagar sedan
Well the blue and white is just to resemble PS5... duhhh 😃
luke oneill
luke oneill Timme sedan
Does it have a lighter and beer opener
Eleanore Linx
Eleanore Linx 6 timmar sedan
This phone is too easy to bend. Be careful guys. Rog 3 is better in terms of the body power.
Felix Qi
Felix Qi 14 timmar sedan
does it work with verizion network?
Joshua Lyon
Joshua Lyon Dag sedan
no micro SD :(
iamthetarget TR MASTER
Rog 5 is not wireless charge right?
Aamir Aslam
Aamir Aslam Dag sedan
which game is that at 6 10
David Bentley
David Bentley Dag sedan
No SD card slot...no thanks.
Bob Corn
Bob Corn 2 dagar sedan
YES! IT'S BACK! ❤️❤️❤️ Love to see that headphone jack.
Dean Feyt
Dean Feyt 2 dagar sedan
Are you going to do the Black Shark 4?
Adel Note
Adel Note 2 dagar sedan
Dave, I truly like your content.
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 2 dagar sedan
I want one but my bank account disagrees.
Shivar Singh
Shivar Singh 3 dagar sedan
Expandable storage would bottleneck the phone
Gucci 5 dagar sedan
_short-comings without the customer's like of expandable Memory Slot,IR blaster and FM radio_
Karl James C Cacal
Karl James C Cacal 5 dagar sedan
I like that phone but I dunno where here in the philippines have a branch store of RoG Phone 5 ultimate. Or online site? Help me pls
Umi Racoma
Umi Racoma 5 dagar sedan
I hope it's not like ROG 2 that keeps on restarting. I got fooled on good reviews. Big time regret on buying it.
小任 6 dagar sedan
Everything! Wonderful! I want it! Wait... Um.... Does it has 1440p screen?
Muhammad Ammar Ismail
Muhammad Ammar Ismail 6 dagar sedan
I really want this.. I skipped ROG 1 to 3.. Now this, anyone wants to buy a kidney?
Nico 6 dagar sedan
I'm so damn close to buy this phone but I'm not sure about the cam 😣
hARmOny GRitZ
hARmOny GRitZ 7 dagar sedan
Maybe one day, but at $1500.00, not today!
Reason 7 dagar sedan
Name a phone that fixed its faulty camera by software.
Dainius Vyšniauskas
Dainius Vyšniauskas 8 dagar sedan
Except durability.
stuartfit 8 dagar sedan
I've been using the Rog 2 (12/512) since it was launched end 2019 as my daily driver and it's been fantastically great till now and I'm probably one of those weird guys who did not play games with it. I wanted the 120hz refresh rate, great front speakers, Long lasting battery (11 hours SOT) and high ram. Not upgrading to the 5 as the specs of the 2 is great enough as daily driver but the 5 do look amazing though. The thing about 120hz, once you've used it, going back to 60hz would be a problem.
TRACO GAMING 9 dagar sedan
asus rog 5 or iphone 11 ?
XWolven 9 dagar sedan
Demanding games on a phone?... why?
Sisi Coco
Sisi Coco 10 dagar sedan
Hey...... I expected 240hrz display with 240fps refresh rate. I mean they 160refresh rate already.
BURN Gaming
BURN Gaming 10 dagar sedan
Sir dave, i hope you read this, please can you gift me any kind of ROG phone even not new its ok if already used, because im poor and can't afford it.My phone is ASUS Zenfone 4max and its already have crack screen, thank you and God bless.
Jullian Robin Sibi
Jullian Robin Sibi 10 dagar sedan
To be fair, you can’t really put games on the microSD card now. You would think that’s a nice reason to get expandable storage but Android doesn’t allow for that anymore. (I could be wrong)
Kuya BERT Tv Official PWD
Please suport kuya Bert Tv official the PWD vlogger from Manila keep safe always God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Skyylab Nebula
Skyylab Nebula 10 dagar sedan
How loud is the fan when it's running? One of the issues with big phones is you need a kick stand, which a lot of cases don't do well. The fan seems cool but if it's noisy it could be a buzz kill.
soulreaper 1981
soulreaper 1981 11 dagar sedan
I thought I like this phone, then I saw jerry and was reminded of the old slim Jim advertisement with macho man randy savage. Snap in to a slim Jim ooooohhhh eeeaaahhhhh!!!
Aryan Taneja
Aryan Taneja 11 dagar sedan
What game was he playin ?? The one other than asphalt 9
Shaze An
Shaze An 11 dagar sedan
Back display is like SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse!
Himi Jendrix
Himi Jendrix 11 dagar sedan
I want to see Genshin Impact played on it
Loiue Bryan Garay
Loiue Bryan Garay 11 dagar sedan
Big fan of ASUS here✋✋ but cant afford it too expensive for me 😢
BetaLactamase 11 dagar sedan
The brightness put me down 😭
sniper chitage
sniper chitage 11 dagar sedan
if someone thinks that I'm going to buy this to play pubg mobile that's not gonna happen
Rick Lomeli
Rick Lomeli 11 dagar sedan
Phone bends and breaks easily. No thanks
Hyun-Seung Nam
Hyun-Seung Nam 12 dagar sedan
WTF !!! This axxx is hired by The company!!!! Fxxing ass
sachit pathak
sachit pathak 11 dagar sedan
Stfu, rog phones always have a good reception
ASMR Cat 12 dagar sedan
Actually, ROG Phone 5 is not just a gaming beast, its camera has improved to the filmmaking industry level. Check out this commercial shot with ROG Phone 5 : selosk.info/class/video/l4OQp452wI2lyXU.html
0ni XXL
0ni XXL 12 dagar sedan
selosk.info/class/video/eqaam4l434aIq5s.html everything except durability of any kind.
Kassh Aryan
Kassh Aryan 12 dagar sedan
but i have nothing....😑
V Vivek
V Vivek 13 dagar sedan
Super device
V Vivek
V Vivek 13 dagar sedan
Kimi 13 dagar sedan
Sweet! Can we see your aquascape when you're done ?
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami 13 dagar sedan
‘Big bezels’. Dude they’re not even existent that’s amazing.
John Garcia
John Garcia 13 dagar sedan
3:40 feels like cheating
Allan McCombs
Allan McCombs 13 dagar sedan
When can I plug in my Ethernet, monitor and keyboard into these so-called smartphones (using a USB-C hub)?
Thierry Rojas Bobadilha
Rog phone 5 or nubia red magic 6?
Shubham Aggarwal
Shubham Aggarwal 14 dagar sedan
that same charging brick moment was lit
zexstro 14 dagar sedan
Saya nonton ini karna liat di gadgetin🤣 Yang satu server😏
Tarun Mathur
Tarun Mathur 14 dagar sedan
The only problem is that there ain't enough Android games to play. Adding a little extra cash to the price can get you a decent gaming cpu or laptop
Eds G
Eds G 14 dagar sedan
oh no you did not just diss my phone's thermally functional sinks at the back that i'v been showing off for the past 3 years to just about every single soul that lays eyes on my ROG Phone!!! u take that back!!! these are fully functional copper heat sinks that dissipate 99.998% of high operation thermal load!!!! these are the best ok? the best!!!! ROG Phone 5 no back heat sinks to show off?? boooooo
Beh Wen
Beh Wen 14 dagar sedan
nah durability is a nono
IRFAN KHAN 14 dagar sedan
Sir, please make a video on Black shark 4 series.
Chris johnson
Chris johnson 15 dagar sedan
I’m so getting one these bad boys especially if apple don’t do a new mini iPad soon...I Agee Dave I’m all about big bezels to my guy👍
Shun Goku Satsu
Shun Goku Satsu 15 dagar sedan
It doesn't has everything, it doesn't has me.
onedon killquick
onedon killquick 15 dagar sedan
Need to get me one of those
William Bonner
William Bonner 16 dagar sedan
Too bad it doesn't work on Verizon. I want this phone so bad but I'm not switching carriers. Maybe one day Verizon will have cool phones like this instead of the same old Samsung/iPhone battle. By the way, I'm typing this comment on my Asus ROG Strix Scar 3 Laptop. Would be nice to pair it with the phone.
Benedicta Golu
Benedicta Golu 16 dagar sedan
Where can I get one
Chhuneng's Mind
Chhuneng's Mind 16 dagar sedan
I would pick that Cyberpunk 8T
Shibe Doge
Shibe Doge 17 dagar sedan
it can also bend lol
namcicle 16 dagar sedan
Its a folding phone that can only do it once
jose ramirez
jose ramirez 17 dagar sedan
That genshin impact tho
SkyWays 17 dagar sedan
Dave, no talk about processor and other software features?
Lazy Cat
Lazy Cat 17 dagar sedan
it has EVERYTHING... including your wallet
Mhadi Ahmed
Mhadi Ahmed 17 dagar sedan
Can you give me one as a gift ☺️
Vivek Shaw
Vivek Shaw 17 dagar sedan
Should I go for OnePlus 9pro or ASUS rog 5
Enzy Cezar
Enzy Cezar 17 dagar sedan
Not a fan of expensive stuff but all i can say is 🤤
Far iz
Far iz 17 dagar sedan
I play Hill climb racing so i need this phone
Simon Choy
Simon Choy 17 dagar sedan
Yes expandable storage is a deal breaker in my books but the inclusion of a 3.5mm stereo jack is really nice.
I guess so
I guess so 17 dagar sedan
Will it work with verizon?
Gulp Steward
Gulp Steward 17 dagar sedan
Wow so nice i love that phone
Bruno Šaravanja
Bruno Šaravanja 17 dagar sedan
its my next phone...and i dont plan to buy it for games...i like gaming stuff, it seems that are better/stronger/tougher.
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 18 dagar sedan
Mickey Liranzo
Mickey Liranzo 18 dagar sedan
The colorful preface descriptively stir because form intialy tap amidst a shaky idea. swanky, dark bomber
Hussein Syed
Hussein Syed 18 dagar sedan
Good job Bor I want to ask call recorder option available this device ROG 5
John Wick
John Wick 18 dagar sedan
My phone has a 3gb ram and my laptop has a 4gb ram. WHY GOD WHY.
Shalimar Studio
Shalimar Studio 18 dagar sedan
its good to see things that you dont have or will never get
mikldude 18 dagar sedan
I would buy the phone for the headphone jack .
Random Dude
Random Dude 18 dagar sedan
Spending all that money just to play some inferior mobile games smoothly, makes sense
Lindsey Holland
Lindsey Holland 18 dagar sedan
The new passenger habitually rot because sugar objectively force apud a odd relation. future futuristic, shy breath
Dennis Chauhan_DC
Dennis Chauhan_DC 19 dagar sedan
I would gladly buy a Gaming phone With no camera at all Just let me game and cut all the extras that I don't need We need a gaming phone like that
Dennis Chauhan_DC
Dennis Chauhan_DC 19 dagar sedan
Just pure gaming 👌🔥💪
Reindolf Ampofu
Reindolf Ampofu 19 dagar sedan
missing a spine... lol
Styromaniac 19 dagar sedan
It didn't survive JerryRigEverything's bend test.
Mohd Haziq Baharudin
Mohd Haziq Baharudin 19 dagar sedan
It don't have micro sd card slot so No! It don't have everything
rrektless 19 dagar sedan
Is it *T H I C C* ?
Sicebi Mthethwa
Sicebi Mthethwa 19 dagar sedan
Anyone considering this over a Samsung S21 or Note 20 because of the perfect screen ergonomics, i.e. no hole punch, flat screen, proper powerful front firing speakers?
Evan Hodge
Evan Hodge 19 dagar sedan
This is socially irresponsible. If you can't see that, I am sorry for you. Put attention back in your life, in the real world.
Pawit Ninnabodee
Pawit Ninnabodee 19 dagar sedan
The petite grip histochemically tame because margaret renomegaly interrupt for a hospitable tile. calm, brawny april
No ID 19 dagar sedan
1080? pfft
No ID 19 dagar sedan
the liquid-cooled chamber was a gimic? Mine still stays cooler than any other phone I've had even without the added fan that came with it.
No ID 19 dagar sedan
I'm still using the first one... not sure how they are on number 5 now, hasn't been even 4 years
No ID 18 dagar sedan
@namcicle hey, thanks for the reply. Learn something new everyday!
namcicle 18 dagar sedan
They skipped 4 because the number 4 has negative connotations in some parts of Asia- like 13 in some other places.
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 19 dagar sedan
It has everything but expandable storage that is a mega No-No for me.
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 19 dagar sedan
Has everything but doesn't come with a control or cooler lol 🤣😆 hot,hot, hot🔥🔥🔥🔥- South Park
Ilpo Heikkilä
Ilpo Heikkilä 19 dagar sedan
Nice phone but... JerryRigEverything...
Ganesh R
Ganesh R 20 dagar sedan
The fact that she used genshin for the gamebench
Sergiu Sprintar
Sergiu Sprintar 20 dagar sedan
I'm the only one that takes his phone with him when taking a bath? A long relaxing warm bath and using phone for texting, music or gaming.
kenny'sReview 20 dagar sedan
Dave, how about a teal trim? 😉
Jepnahid 20 dagar sedan
This phone failed the durability test of jerryrigeverything. So it will break once dropped.
The Unknown & Unheard
The Unknown & Unheard 20 dagar sedan
Do the cameras have OIS?
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