Apple Air Tags vs. Thieves 

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Do AirTags work for theft prevention?
Available Here - amzn.to/3nf9pEe
Color AirTags - dbrand.com
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24 apr 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Dave2D 19 dagar sedan
1 million likes and i shoot all my vids wearing a ski mask
hey youtuber
hey youtuber 2 dagar sedan
What happens when someone steals an airtag and resets it so they can use it?
Brewergamer 5 dagar sedan
We are almost there just 995,000 more likes
Seumas Rawlinson
Seumas Rawlinson 6 dagar sedan
Guys, you heard the man 1mill dislikes. 😊
Reg Ramos
Reg Ramos 12 dagar sedan
Would it still count if it was botted
trip 14 dagar sedan
@Shantanuraj Patil LOL
Bryce Dicou
Bryce Dicou 22 timmar sedan
So I wonder how exactly it determines “home” so let’s say the stocker wanted to track someone they knew, could they set up their account as that person home address? Then would the air tag also think it’s home when they get home so the person being stalked never gets notified? On the reverse side of that if it did notify me would that mean if I borrowed my wife’s keys that had an air tag on it would it recognize that air tag has been around me in the past as to not freak me out when I got back home? I feel like there are so many questions to how this works
Rhp Aqo
Rhp Aqo Dag sedan
Why didn't you review the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag?
Mr. OTZ Dag sedan
So a stalker can easily know where you live...nice! Lmao
The Apple Brain
The Apple Brain Dag sedan
I am almost 100% sure your from Toronto. :D
Ryan's Random Videos
Right Now the stalker will know where I live before I disable it Thanks Apple 🍎
Liam Welsh
Liam Welsh Dag sedan
I think the whole notifying thing is overprotective. Yes, it can be used to stalk people but so can a small GPS tracker you can buy on Amazon for half the price. If anyone wanted to stalk you, they have lots of options other than Airtags.
Crazygamer2837 Dag sedan
theres that one scenario when youre walking home with ur bud and you get a notif on ur phone that ur being followed
VDubya 2 dagar sedan
So now you'll get notified when you're at home. So the stalker that dropped it into your bag knows it stopped and where you live.
Bizzobb Foshizzle
Bizzobb Foshizzle 2 dagar sedan
Thieves will just set a random address as their home address then go there to check if they’re being tracked so from a theft standpoint it’s easily defeated.
Junrick Martina
Junrick Martina 2 dagar sedan
Smarttag is better
TheGreatGuySP 3 dagar sedan
I see you with that Toronto number 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
mohamed fasil
mohamed fasil 3 dagar sedan
What if some one slid it in you bag and you have a android device. I didn't even know some one is tracking me
Andro dibox
Andro dibox 3 dagar sedan
Most thieves are broke AndroidBois anyway.
James Lewis
James Lewis 3 dagar sedan
I hate dbrand because they are everywhere
yakir11114 3 dagar sedan
that doesnt solve much. a stalker can use a burner acount and still find out where you live
Bidhan Saha
Bidhan Saha 3 dagar sedan
One more thing, android users will never will be able to find if they are been tracked. What if the victim has an android device?
Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov 3 dagar sedan
How about if you're on vacation and you're never "Home" for your Iphone?
John Smith
John Smith 3 dagar sedan
But here's the real question, WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN IPHONE?!??
Brandon 3 dagar sedan
Best explanation by far👌🏻👌🏻👏🏼👏🏼
georgert 3 dagar sedan
I would have loved to have had one in my gear bag that was stolen off the carousel at the Salt Lake City airport. As I came off a flight from Europe the liability limit was about half the value of the kit. That prick would not have liked me stalking his chump ass.
Its Monke
Its Monke 3 dagar sedan
what if you physically remove the speaker and remove the notification system ?
V3RM1LI0N 4 dagar sedan
thumbnail shouldve been a black guy
josir1994 4 dagar sedan
The theif can just mark some random place as their 'home' and its done
Michael Janich
Michael Janich 4 dagar sedan
What's the best place to stick it to my car?
Gamerplays360 3 dagar sedan
@Michael Janich i don't think it will make a huge difference but maybe you could like put it behind some seats or in the glovebox or just stick it under the car
Michael Janich
Michael Janich 3 dagar sedan
@Gamerplays360 im worried about all the metal shielding the Bluetooth signal.
Gamerplays360 3 dagar sedan
probably like under the steering wheel like where the wiring is or under a seat or in the trunk somewhere behind the carpeting.
Devesh Adhikari
Devesh Adhikari 4 dagar sedan
Stalker could easily just follow you home without you knowing even without an Airtag. I completely don't understand why the fuck this discussion is happening in this comment section.
Mega Mijit
Mega Mijit 4 dagar sedan
imagine if the US was like japan where theft isnt a thing. america houses some of the worst
Ben Love
Ben Love 4 dagar sedan
Think I've just found a hidden gem I mean I knew of you, but wow watching you at last great presenter!
MyMemesAreTerrible 4 dagar sedan
Bitch please, if I saw an airtag in the open, I’m taking that case, they cost more then the airtag itself
Beaven Jnr
Beaven Jnr 5 dagar sedan
so basically i can track my girlfriend. i can see where this is going
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 5 dagar sedan
Joined your discord server but couldn't find a section for wallpapers used in your videos, kindly upload those.
Wandering Fool
Wandering Fool 5 dagar sedan
To stop someone from tracking your car, where the alarm wouldn’t help, you need to buy an iPhone. So buy Apple tech to protect you from, Apple tech?
OLGMC 5 dagar sedan
So they have a feature that can tell you when someone is potentially "stalking" you but you won't know about it later in the day once you're home? Then what's the point of it? You say it prevents people from getting nervous but it would made me even more nervous to be told that at the end of the day and now I can't do anything about it anymore... Also what if the "stalker" has bad intentions and doesn't wait until you get home before doing something to do, then you won't even get notified at all. These tags seem great for lost ITEMS and all but that stalker feature just sounds like a gimmick
Brewergamer 5 dagar sedan
To people thinking stalkers will use this: It's probably the worst tracking device you could be using if you want to stalk someone. There are far better devices that are 100% totally anonymous that wouldn't need an apple account and phone attached to it. Think about it, let's say stalker 1 has an apple account registered in his name, and used an airtag to stalk person 1. Person 1 gets the notification, calls the police, police get serial number from airtag, assigned to stalker 1's apple account. Police use stalker 1's apple account to show up at stalker 1s home. Stalker 1 now gets owned. Stalker 1 could easily have purchased a regular tracking device that has no account or phone associated with it in order to stalk person 1. Use some common sense people. EDIT: Even if "stalker" registers a fake apple account with a fake name, law enforcement would be able to trace the phone attached to the serial number on the airtag to see everywhere they've been. Like I said before, there are alot of tracking devices that are way more discreet and have no attachments whatsoever. Nobody's gonna use an airtag to stalk someone unless they're a moron.
Uzair Adnan
Uzair Adnan 5 dagar sedan
PSA: Choose to stalk an android user so they don't get informed about the airtag following them. Thanks Apple
CRAZY CHIPMUNK 5 dagar sedan
Sommer75 6 dagar sedan
Thanks, i was wondering about that myself. I think most bike thiefs would drop the bike close to where they live but not in their own driveway, so in theory it should work. Unfortunately i also think most bike thiefs would check under the seat before they even touch the bike as these become more popular, so a smaller version you could hide in the frame or handlebars would be nice.
stas15cool 6 dagar sedan
I took the speaker off my airtag and placed it in a hidden spot inside my car, if my car ever gets stollen i can track it
stas15cool 6 dagar sedan
A stalker only needs to know your first and last name and they can easily find your address online, so its not lke apple invented stalking
Alex L.
Alex L. 6 dagar sedan
So that means that the “stalker” will know where your house is? That’s even worse
Duke Strikcani
Duke Strikcani 6 dagar sedan
I bought it because people are telling me Tile will be obsolete. Can someone please explain why this is being said?
R-Type4 6 dagar sedan
Now iPhone users can spy on Android people.
Saia Zote
Saia Zote 6 dagar sedan
Anddd they know my house!!!
TAKEO 6 dagar sedan
They should have air tags tech built into airpods charging case.
Nagi Mohsen
Nagi Mohsen 6 dagar sedan
Why can’t apple just report the device and owner that originally set up the malicious airtag to track someone? If that makes sense
Graham B
Graham B 6 dagar sedan
AirTags really gave dbrand their easiest product ever.... A circular piece of vinyl wrap. That's it. The whole product... just a couple centimetre in diameter perfect circle cutout... 🤣
heavymountain 6 dagar sedan
What if the person being stalked doesn't own an iPhone? That's how I'd abuse it.
Seumas Rawlinson
Seumas Rawlinson 6 dagar sedan
Guys, you heard the man 1mill dislikes. 😊
Vivek Shende
Vivek Shende 7 dagar sedan
How would I know if an unknown AirTag is following me if I don't have (read: can't afford) an iPhone?
Anto VH
Anto VH 7 dagar sedan
This things are dangerous But the Cartels & crooks love them.. apple should stay away from this before the first person get Kidnap and hurt.. they been fighting Facebook because of privacy but come on apple this is Really worse...💯💯✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
One Who Is Above All
One Who Is Above All 7 dagar sedan
this is just asking for lawsuits. someone is going to be assaulted for sure. these safeguards are meaningless when a stalker knows the victim uses an android phone. then the tag anti tracking functions are useless. i just can't see this product lasting. apple will be getting sued left and right. a good idea but human nature isn't always on the good side.
Abuzwebstar 7 dagar sedan
apple is so clever they selling trackers to their stupid customers
Christian Boykin
Christian Boykin 7 dagar sedan
Sooo I can track the tag until the person gets home! Riiiight!
Fabrice 7 dagar sedan
how bout installing the airtag in bikes seatpost....does it block the signal?
Teenie Turtle
Teenie Turtle 7 dagar sedan
When the tag is gonna be more then the bag itself
Rosca Liviu
Rosca Liviu 7 dagar sedan
Whats happening if you don't own an iPhone? I can't get notification if i'm tracked.
Ashwin MK
Ashwin MK 8 dagar sedan
Will airtag alert if it's following a android user
MineDudeYT 8 dagar sedan
Happy to be the 30k like! Great video!
Denzyl Casuela
Denzyl Casuela 8 dagar sedan
What if they just anti theft mode
Slacker Man
Slacker Man 8 dagar sedan
Great, so now your stalker knows your home address.
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver 8 dagar sedan
no use for me since I only loose my jacket. I don't want to loose my cheap jacket and worry about getting my expensive airtag back.
Neftali 8 dagar sedan
So the Thieves get a notification, that´s great feature apple.
Sean Murdock
Sean Murdock 8 dagar sedan
All they have to do is link the air tag to the owner’s phone or whoever else they name attached to it not everyone who have an I phone in that area to be able to see it simple
lilstump55 8 dagar sedan
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life 💯✝️
Mostafa M. Hamouda
Mostafa M. Hamouda 8 dagar sedan
that thumbnail 😂
sowin2u 9 dagar sedan
Not sure about the notifications when you get home. First time I hear that one. Don’t think he’s correct on how this device works.
Nahid Islam
Nahid Islam 9 dagar sedan
yo I think we should stop joking about kids swallowing AirTags. The battery in them, will be extremely fatal to their developing digesting system to the point where they need a special machine to eat their nutrients
Evan Trevino
Evan Trevino 9 dagar sedan
So basically hopefully they aren’t thief’s with iPhones and know what airtags are
Brandon Joseph
Brandon Joseph 9 dagar sedan
wow. A clear, concise, straight to the point video without 20 ads in the middle, with clear, professional, no-frills editing and quality. Casual, pleasant voice, and taught a few things to this Apple fanboy that I didnt even think of or know about! Thumbs way up, and subcribed. Refreshing AF
Wayne 9 dagar sedan
So, the Airtag will follow you silently until you get home? Stalker is following you, you get home, Airtag then decides to notify you that you are being tracked (Too late, Serial kille already knows exactly where you live & has probably already dissolved your body in acid or fed you to the pigs so there is NO TRACE of you left. WELL DONE APPLE for ASSisting Criminal activity.
Damon Lam
Damon Lam 9 dagar sedan
Chilren stuffed with Airtags.... hmmm sounds like a dish from some edgy 3 Michelin star restaurant 🤣
Will Sims
Will Sims 9 dagar sedan
It depends on the item. You could hide an AirTag very well deep inside a vehicle and even if the thief were to be notified, they may not be able to find it and dispose of it in enough time. Same with any other item if the AirTag can be hidden in such a way that it's difficult to find/remove. I do appreciate the explanation on how this works. I recently bought a 4-pack simply because I misplace things all the time so they will be a life saver for me. Smaller items such as backpacks, bikes, handbags, etc. I completely agree with you, it can be found quickly and unless some revisions are made in the future, thieves will either be made aware via a notification or will simply learn about these devices and check for them before stealing items.
Tony (林源哲) Lin
Tony (林源哲) Lin 9 dagar sedan
@dio won't reply
Rabby Calicdan
Rabby Calicdan 9 dagar sedan
I feel that there will be a lot of alerts on planes 😅
Chin Ming
Chin Ming 9 dagar sedan
Unless you’re on iOS below 14.5, then you won’t be notified
Palestine 9 dagar sedan
I think a good solution would be to have your phone disable any Air Tags (that are not yours meaning not paired with your device) that are within a meter or so of you. For example: if a stalker places one inside a persons backpack or pocket, that person who is unaware wouldn't have to worry because his phone would disable the Air Tag until he is further away from it (far enough that it's considered to not be on that person). I'm not sure how Apple would be able to implement this on their phones, let alone phones that are not iPhone ones or apple devices but I think that would fix the issue with it. The only major con I can think of is if you do lose or misplace an item and you want to find it with no malicious intent, then it may be disabled due to being near other phones even if it was used to retrieve misplaced or lost items. However, I think I also have a solution to this issue as well which would be to have the person who is looking for their lost item which could be disabled due to being near another phone. In which case that person who is looking for their lost item would have the option to request the Air Tag to send a notification to the person(s) disabling the Air Tag. So an example to this would be: I lose an item and can't track it due to there being another phone too close to the vicinity of the Air Tag causing it to be disabled. What I would do from there is open the Find My app and send a request that tells the Air Tag to any of the people near it giving them the option to allow tracking once again. That notification would say something like "An Air Tag near you has been disabled due to being too close has requested to be trackable again. Please check if there is an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any item that you own. If you do not have an Air Tag in any of your personal possessions that is not yours please click allow tracking so that the person who lost their tag may find it again, however if you find an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any personal items that you own please click Reject Tracking". I'm sure Apple can find a way to shorten that notification since it would be too wordy to phrase it that way I have. If you read this than thank you for taking the time :)
Jermaine 9 dagar sedan
Please don’t tell me these things are as useless as I think they are.
Soulife 9 dagar sedan
I can't wait to sniff these radio signals out, identify who each belongs to, and hide pi zeros around the house to profile people's lives. Like "hey Dan, why'd you go in my room after work and spend 2hrs in the bathroom?" Or "why was my backpack in your room". Maybe we can do this at the mall and sell the data.
TravieTheCoyote 9 dagar sedan
Can't wait for Air Tag horror stories 👀
Sidney Onahon
Sidney Onahon 9 dagar sedan
I think apple just want to sell more iPhones great plan. No iPhone no way to know if you have stalker.
Sean Watson
Sean Watson 10 dagar sedan
What happens if my partner takes my keys/car, will she get a notification every time she gets home?
Observing Humanity
Observing Humanity 10 dagar sedan
For everyone worried about stalkers or criminals following you home, hopefully you realize that if they want to do that they are not going to use an airtag with a serial number registered to their phone and an Apple account.
UnauthAC 6 dagar sedan
Yeah it's almost as if everyone is suddenly shocked that stalkers exist. They are acting like Apple has just invented stalking. They don't stop to think about all the little details like... as soon as you register it Apple can, if asked by the police, tell them who it was and where. Trackers have existed for a long time, Tile, Samsung Tag and so on. A stalker can just follow you (sounds crazy right). These are not designed to deter thieves or to stop criminals. If Apple could solve theft and stalking with a 30USD piece of tech I think they would own the world.
Nellztheking 10 dagar sedan
I’m sure there is a way to report the person following you home if it’s a stalker because they’d have a iPhone. And you should have enough time to leave and call the police before they arrive to your location. If you can’t identify the stalker, wtf was apple thinking.
Mario Pipitone
Mario Pipitone 10 dagar sedan
If I'm not mistaken, you get the notification if an air tag has been following you that has been separated from its owner. So the plane or bus situation won't set off the notifications because the other users tag will be with them. But if someone slipped on into your bag and didn't stay within range of it, then you get notified.
25 Selvam Kishore
25 Selvam Kishore 10 dagar sedan
"All these kids that parents stuff AirTags into them" UHHHHHHHHH DUDE (p.s. I know he corrected it)
Freund Des Friedens
Freund Des Friedens 10 dagar sedan
The thieves can’t throw them in the trash no
hyperspace36 10 dagar sedan
So I don't get it. Will the foreign airbag notify when I get to MY home or the Thieves home?
Hirak Hirak
Hirak Hirak 10 dagar sedan
Now the thieves will steal you at the gun point outside of your home
Mike Cobweb
Mike Cobweb 10 dagar sedan
I don’t really find them useful if a thief removes them off of my item.
Mike Cobweb
Mike Cobweb 10 dagar sedan
I don’t really find them useful if a thief removes them off of my item.
Soljarag5 10 dagar sedan
Lol that sounds even worse that Apple knows when you are at home
Boomer Z
Boomer Z 10 dagar sedan
So someone steals your bag, takes it to their home, the thief potentially gets a notification that the bag is being tracked, they dump the bag and the tags and keep the content.... then what???? It's kind of pointless then, you just know where its been. increasing your frustration. The police attend, and the tracked person denies all knowledge and is like i dunno why I got this notification, must be a glitch or a neighbour etc. As theft recovery is kind of redundant. Apple could have made it smarter by notifying the owner of the tag that the item is moving away from a tag owner, exceptions could be programmed in, for instance 'safe places' geofencing the tag like work and home etc. and then if an item starts moving the owner has to report the tag as stolen or missing, and then it tracks and doesn't report. They then have a window of time to recover the item. If they don't report it as stolen or lost after being notified with a timeframe then it notifies the person they're being stalked. I think they haven't thought it through very well.
STEVE 10 dagar sedan
Dave has missed the point. A tag is placed in his bag etc, and he is followed...The criminal now knows where he lives ( or where his stuff is ) Good idea, now every criminal is ordering bucket loads. Stick one between you ears & when you get kidnapped your Mother can find what's left of you :(
Jim Flannery, KØUNX
Jim Flannery, KØUNX 10 dagar sedan
I just want to find LOST PETS and STOLEN BIKES.
Reedime 11 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about Airtags being great anti-thief devices, but couldn't a thief just take the battery out of the Airtag to disable it?
Aneeq 8 dagar sedan
did you watch the video? yes they could if they found it straight away but as said in the video it only tells the thief once they get home which at that point your iphone will already have the address logged.
Krishna Patel
Krishna Patel 11 dagar sedan
Rafael Kruppa
Rafael Kruppa 11 dagar sedan
One question: when the thief recognizes the Airtag at home and disables it immediately. Does the owner of the Airtag see the LAST location of the Airtag? Imagine your bike is stolen in the middle of the night. The thief comes home and disables the Airtag. After this you wake up in the morning and see that your bike is gone. Could you see the home location of the thief? Or even a route your Airtag has taken in the night?
Irol 11 dagar sedan
Why would you buy these, just get the vaccine.🙃
Rod 11 dagar sedan
but isn't that exactly what the stalker, thief or kidnapper wants? That you go to your home!
Manuel Timane
Manuel Timane 11 dagar sedan
The best explanation of this feature so far👌🏾
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