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The $350 POCO F3
14 dagar sedan
OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look
2 månader sedan
The Gaming Laptop Trap
2 månader sedan
The Invisible Phone Camera
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The Best Laptops - 2020 Picks!
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My Personal Setup from 2020
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The Next Android Smartphones
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Sean Lee
Sean Lee 19 timmar sedan
Somebody get this man a hand lotion!!!
Максим Мартынов
You cannot buy ryzen + 3070 right now, inly i7-10875h. Meh
Mitch Marzin
Mitch Marzin 19 timmar sedan
Important stuff starts at 1:40
PrivateOGITH 19 timmar sedan
AMD Sucks ASS.
Brandon Davey
Brandon Davey 20 timmar sedan
The performance is FAN-tastic 😀
Aldous Joshua Espejo
Aldous Joshua Espejo 20 timmar sedan
Any idea what theme dave2d is using @ 2:05
Humane143Imperfection 20 timmar sedan
Dave the structural integrity is weak within this model. Review better phone you must, good job you do.
Maz 20 timmar sedan
What have you done to your fingers mate? 🤔
Andrew S
Andrew S 20 timmar sedan
Dave it's been a long time, you need to update this.
seal0 20 timmar sedan
i swear to god, rgb lighting on the back of electronics is the most retarded thing ever, why would you ever put rgb lighting on the back?? you will never even get a glimpse of it when using the device
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars 20 timmar sedan
The new Thikkphone
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars 20 timmar sedan
A car analogy: By removing the tires from the Toyota Corolla they are up selling the Supra
WilderJess 20 timmar sedan
All doxing aside, karma is real kid. You look like a 5 yo could take you. Foolish. And you delete everything like a total simp! Hahahaha. Can’t wait to meet you, pal.
WilderJess 20 timmar sedan
You’re Dave 2D??????
Mr Henry
Mr Henry 20 timmar sedan
2 bad its fragile
Brian Bowes
Brian Bowes 21 timme sedan
Which icon pack is that?
Alf Lenni Erlandsen
Alf Lenni Erlandsen 21 timme sedan
They're never gonna fix the shutter delay. Never! They can't!
yesssir 21 timme sedan
Looks like a monster too 😂
Zinger3 21 timme sedan
an Android phone removing SD Card support is the dumbest shit ive ever heard.
Srinivas Metta
Srinivas Metta 21 timme sedan
4:22 what game is it ??
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin 21 timme sedan
thank god i bought the legion 5
Tony Kowalski
Tony Kowalski 21 timme sedan
After owning the rog phone 2 for over a year now, I can say I'm skeptical about how dust is going to get removed from the fans after a few weeks. The adapters can be taken apart easily and cleaned. I know they're way less efficient but cleaning cooling fans seems like a must for all systems.
Joshua Markwood
Joshua Markwood 21 timme sedan
Love how the last gen mid-range Op Nord has OIS and the latest high end Op 9 doesn't
Devendra Lad
Devendra Lad 22 timmar sedan
@Dave2D that is all good, but how to buy, are bots going to hijack this as well
Gergely Szücs
Gergely Szücs 22 timmar sedan
Me: having a full razer setup and very satisfied with them and love to use them SElosk: no
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 22 timmar sedan
The Republic of Gamers is being invaded by a "Legion"
Feel it Opening
Feel it Opening 22 timmar sedan
Just saw this thing getting snapped like a biscuit on JerryRigEverything
hmietwne 22 timmar sedan
Conrad Ricamora
Niranjan Prakash
Niranjan Prakash 22 timmar sedan
Serial Lenovo phone user here, would love to have this beast!
r4dius 22 timmar sedan
When you want to play in a portable way just get a switch then get a phone that's good at phone things
InsanePenguin 23 timmar sedan
Dave 2D!!! I hope you're ashamed of cyber bullying Lee MacMillan. She took her life recently. You're absolutely disgusting, her blood is on your hands. I hope some form of justice finds you.
HeadBearRS 23 timmar sedan
This blue theme on every phone Dave has, How i get that?
Yuantian Mai
Yuantian Mai 23 timmar sedan
"It bangs, it bangs hard" --- Dave 2D
Jonathan Tollefson
Jonathan Tollefson 23 timmar sedan
Imagine, in 9 years, buying one of these ol’ gems at the local Value Village for $12, blowing out the clogged fan, and getting some good retro mobile gaming in. Those’ll be the glory days.
Peeble Butt
Peeble Butt 23 timmar sedan
I'm never gonna attempt to take this shit apart
random guy
random guy 23 timmar sedan
lmao wtf was that 4:38
Spondon Sporsho
Spondon Sporsho 23 timmar sedan
Best moment: "2:15 / 5:25"
LlamaMilk 23 timmar sedan
I saw the frame that flickered. As a video editor I can relate to this. It offen happens to me when importing selected clips to the main timeline
Harvey Reed
Harvey Reed 23 timmar sedan
How much?
Francisco Garrett
Francisco Garrett 23 timmar sedan
Do a review of black shark 4 too please
Mike Rios
Mike Rios Dag sedan
What the name of the game you were playing
AFC Dag sedan
My opinion is that there is always a better option over a Razer product. BUT I do think that many people find it as an easy go to, due to the notoriety of the brand. The best example to me, as an enthusiast, is definetely keyboards. I think that most of the custom keyboards that you can build with hotswap (the easiest custom keebs to make, that don't need any soldering iron) are far better than what razer can make. So, to me, Razer has really good quality, even though they are made of pure plastic, but the price ain't that accurate to what you're getting. I think most gamers will go for Razer peripherals, due to the incredible popularity of the brand, but if people have the time to make a better decision that takes way more, then they should do it. That's my opinion.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Dag sedan
Wait this phone is cool and all but what's with the dual charging ports? I mean, isn't it kind of redundant and inconvenient? Edit: Doesn't this have an 18 GB ram option too? Not shown at 1:06.
Hector Herrera
Hector Herrera Dag sedan
No wayyyy, i love that phone
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Dag sedan
well put.
Arafat Dag sedan
Damn he plays genshin
Llewellyn Fernandes
For gaming phones like these, demoing online gaming platforms like stadia or amazon luna would be fun to watch.
CIPHER Dag sedan
Now if only you could compare this to the 2021 G14 in a video, that would be FANFUCKINGTASTIC :D Thanx again Dave <3
hamza syed
hamza syed Dag sedan
Please review the huawei matebook 14 with editing and gaming
Fatih Kan
Fatih Kan Dag sedan
Fitting so much technology in a tiny case gets you thinking. It's not reliable. I've tried and seen. They're not easily repairable. It's definitely over 1000 dollars price range. I mean it's expensive. Just buy a powerful tablet. It'll be performing whole lot better. And the price will be just half of this.
Only idiots pay so much for a Chinese brand that just came into market a couple of years ago! SAMSUNG FAN ANYDAY! ✌️
Fatih Kan
Fatih Kan Dag sedan
It's not allowing to install Windows. Android is the worst gaming platform.
the ultrabook 2 in 1 plus egpu is perfection
Nicolas Barajas
Nicolas Barajas Dag sedan
Se sobrecalienta, ya no sé qué hacer, se apaga. 16 GB, procesador i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99 GHz, tarjeta de video NVDIA. Con alguna tarea exigente, se calienta y se apaga.
Joshua Lyon
Joshua Lyon Dag sedan
no micro SD :(
John Dag sedan
1:53 Damn Dave, use some moisturizer on that hand.
H0N3ST T3CH Dag sedan
Can you please link the theme you are using on phone
Pao Dag sedan
You look like my mucus 🤣🤣😂
Žan Luka Kralj
Žan Luka Kralj Dag sedan
what about ,,blue screen'' on razer laptops. I want to buy one but I have seen a lot of negative thoughts about this issue. do you think that isn't a deal breaker or not. if any of you guys know let me know.
David Lincoln
David Lincoln Dag sedan
Best reviewed Dave.. thanks 😊
Balu Maddala
Balu Maddala Dag sedan
I just like the wallpapers u use in ur phones.. the sea green coloured. Please tell me the name of it. I would like to have it on my phone.. please
Dhanush Rajagopal
Hey, it was great, could you do one on vivo's iqoo7 it has 120w charging 15mins full charge would love to watch it ,and it is expected to be 40k Rupees in india the best budget phone with 888 soc
مجمع الابحاث
so should i go with s21 ultra?
Somnath Das
Somnath Das Dag sedan
This phone is weak Jerry rig everything shown us this phone flaw
MrBriefo Dag sedan
I watched a Samsung's ad over Lenovo review
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Dag sedan
Big boy be brazy
Physics with Awais Haq
sleep man. you look exhausted.
Himel Das Gupta
Himel Das Gupta Dag sedan
I liked the blue jacket. Where can I find one?
abhay kumar
abhay kumar Dag sedan
It's not a gaming phone it's a cellular gaming console
Biswas Dahal
Biswas Dahal Dag sedan
Siddhant Samantaray
Stop showing us phone that we can't buy in india
Iliass Elyaakoubi
samridh kharbat
samridh kharbat Dag sedan
Specs here in India arent that good with SD 720, 90 Hz AMOLED and only 15W charger in the box
snopedea Dag sedan
and the price?
Yejun Kim
Yejun Kim Dag sedan
4:20 I want jean..
Shadow Charizard
This is a true gaming phone
Eugenia Owens
Eugenia Owens Dag sedan
The blue algebra internally tow because headlight practically dislike onto a classy theater. skillful, dapper stick
Kaushal Nayak
Kaushal Nayak Dag sedan
You Forgot to show the front camera automatically goes in when it senses a fall from hand or height.
shahmurad junejo
🙁I'm very close to buy rog 5 and I'm seeing this mobile everywhere
The Real Simoncello
Wish it had a 1440p screen. 1080p in 2021 feels... inadequate