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Phalgun G
Phalgun G 9 timmar sedan
Came here for the Zenfone 8, enjoyed it 😁, would love if you can keep them side by side, just so I can understand how much small it is.
Krupesh Modi
Krupesh Modi 9 timmar sedan
2:18 No way dude🤘
McBobtheruggaman 9 timmar sedan
You are butt
Pankaj Bhati
Pankaj Bhati 9 timmar sedan
8 have wireless charging
Kiran Goud
Kiran Goud 9 timmar sedan
Hey dave r u sure does this service support 15w wireless charging support?
Gagan Plays Games
Gagan Plays Games 9 timmar sedan
Le Table to the zenfone: Look at me, i am the smartphone now.
Karan Patel
Karan Patel 9 timmar sedan
How does a wall mounted table sound?
Vaibhav Sawant
Vaibhav Sawant 9 timmar sedan
A top Down camera???🔁
Denver Morgan
Denver Morgan 9 timmar sedan
Bring back the table do outside shoots instead.
Kamil Król
Kamil Król 9 timmar sedan
Where is the table?! 😁
MHAM 9 timmar sedan
Hey Dave...try having someone sitting down and ACTING as a table holding stuff for ya!! That could work...that can hand you a phone in a slow goof fashion...
Raghav Shukla
Raghav Shukla 9 timmar sedan
Tables 😂😂
Cactus Crus
Cactus Crus 9 timmar sedan
Asus definitly took some inspiration from Samsung S10e and Google Pixel 5
sario sario
sario sario 9 timmar sedan
You should review : tables
Asad Farraj
Asad Farraj 10 timmar sedan
This new intro is better than that “GET OVER HERE”
Shubham Rajoria
Shubham Rajoria 10 timmar sedan
hang them in the air
S K E L E T O N 10 timmar sedan
Have an entirely glass table
Nayu 10 timmar sedan
ZenFone 8 is gonna be mine.
& Creations
& Creations 10 timmar sedan
It has 15w wireless charging as per Arun on mrwhosetheboss
Adore.pk 10 timmar sedan
5:50 it has wireless charging *
manjil shrestha
manjil shrestha 10 timmar sedan
what fish are you keeping in your tank? 😁😁
Icecream Tshirt
Icecream Tshirt 10 timmar sedan
Omg, this interior design tho! Very nice!
Rahat Hossain
Rahat Hossain 10 timmar sedan
Which wallpaper you use
Kamran Mirzayev
Kamran Mirzayev 10 timmar sedan
It’s a shame that I am not able to sub more than once to show how I do appreciate your videos. Keep up the good content buddy!
Pocket 10 timmar sedan
I have a g502 and a Basilisk Ultimate. I love the feel of the Basilisk a lot more and it’s definitely using higher quality material. I wouldn’t have gotten the basilisk if it wasn’t for the the g502. I just loved the shape so much but I wanted a bit of an upgrade with the same shape.
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 10 timmar sedan
5:44 i thought mrwhosetheboss said there is wireless charging 🤔
Khairul A
Khairul A 10 timmar sedan
Not sure why but somehow I am smiling when I see Dave pushing the table to the camera :)
gunda00151 10 timmar sedan
The camera set-up and phone is not so appealing...Looks very outdated at the cost..Why is that every smartphone with 888has become so dam expensive...
Chris HB
Chris HB 10 timmar sedan
At a guess, a flip camera and a decent speaker occupy the same space, so it's an either/or design decision, not both.
kartik mistry
kartik mistry 10 timmar sedan
You should try the hanging surface from the above slab or maybe a simple wall mounted shelf could be use instead of a conventional table.
Kartik Tiwari
Kartik Tiwari 10 timmar sedan
Which launcher is this? 01:48
Harvey Acosta
Harvey Acosta 10 timmar sedan
what's the name of the controller?
Vardhan Shrivastava
Vardhan Shrivastava 10 timmar sedan
These are better than all the OnePlus 9 by far! Still miss the table 😞
Kumar Deshmukh
Kumar Deshmukh 10 timmar sedan
Nice to see Gus Johnson in his feed
Faizan Saiyed
Faizan Saiyed 10 timmar sedan
Zenfone 8 reminds of Poco F1
GroovyMonster 10 timmar sedan
He’s a tech guy, so quite smart. So how could be be so dumb to say he doesn’t need a table. Is he going to dangle the products from a rope on the ceiling? If he is for instance reviewing the iMac is he going to carry it throughout the video, haha.
NIGAM PANDA 10 timmar sedan
It has 15 watt wireless charging
Adarsh Sharma
Adarsh Sharma 10 timmar sedan
I think the smaller one makes sense, onepluses are just getting bad and worst now, someone has to bridge that void. Zenfone 8 is the best phone in my opinion, I am looking forward to upgrade to it from my zenfone 5.
h Steve
h Steve 10 timmar sedan
With the new setting you’re moving the focus away from the product to yourself and although I like your character in your Vids I’m here to see as much of the product as possible and not mainly you. The Product focus was the thing that set you apart from the other tech youtubers imo
Shawn Tempesta
Shawn Tempesta 10 timmar sedan
LOL the table is back ALL THE TIME. IT'S A TABLE.
Parth Raj
Parth Raj 10 timmar sedan
Love the minimalist setup and your ideology behind it. More power to you. Amazing videos!
Angela Chen
Angela Chen 10 timmar sedan
can't wait to get one now!!
Goku 10 timmar sedan
This mom stance is getting out of hand, very adorable~~
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav 10 timmar sedan
I liked the old setup 🙂
Deepak Talwar
Deepak Talwar 10 timmar sedan
glad your intros are back
Chris Bayani
Chris Bayani 10 timmar sedan
Having that table on the side makes it look more comfortable for you, sir! Best of both worlds - you can do your videos standing up whilst still being able to show us the product on the side. 👌
Shanind TV
Shanind TV 10 timmar sedan
Stop talking about the table dave. Just do what you want to do
KISAI 10 timmar sedan
Is it just me or the image is now noisier? Maybe the lighting in the new space is not enough?
dariusdareme 10 timmar sedan
The old format was better. We need to see the products closer in the shot. Remember the Oneplus video in the glass with the timer running?
G 10 timmar sedan
Dave watch out!! Its a table 😨
Ganesh Raam
Ganesh Raam 10 timmar sedan
I using Zenfone 6 for 2 years , everything is fine, the problem lies with the flip camera,once you drop accidentally then it's done,so for me the exclusion of flip camera in Zenfone 8 is absolutely a win 👍
Shantanu Kulkarni
Shantanu Kulkarni 10 timmar sedan
Your Intro - SO GOOD!
Jeremi Ulanowski
Jeremi Ulanowski 10 timmar sedan
One thing I'll say is that I really liked being able to see the product you are presenting clearly in front of the camera, front and centre. In this video you have to squint to see the phones on the little table in the corner and it's not great.
mohanavamsi Kalangi
mohanavamsi Kalangi 10 timmar sedan
i still prefer the table . #bringthetableback
NEOMERCER 10 timmar sedan
The 8 seems like such a good buy. I really enjoyed the size of the Galaxy S10e. After using the OP7Pro for a while now however, phones 6 inch and under just feel so small.
Marc Meyer
Marc Meyer 10 timmar sedan
Great looking studio. Please try with a table?
Guy 10 timmar sedan
The Zenfone 8 reminds me of the Nexus 5 😍
ZackeroniAndCheese 10 timmar sedan
I like this intro a lot
QUEOS 10 timmar sedan
It does have wireless charging no?
Str0be 10 timmar sedan
Hmmmmm I think i like the previous white table you used for product showcase better than the current black table I don't know if it's the contrast that the white table gives, but it just looked better and more well lit before
Simone B
Simone B 10 timmar sedan
At least an almost "real" compact phone! (I think iPhone 12 mini will remain the last survivor). Someone can tell me about their policy about updates? Curious to know the answer of Google to this one (pixel 5a will be revealed in June?) , if it will be under 150mm tall.
Perfectly Frank
Perfectly Frank 10 timmar sedan
6:22 “parts of zeven phone seven” 😂 Dave love ya bro
Ripsaw EV-2
Ripsaw EV-2 10 timmar sedan
I wanted the bassy intro, I increased my volume for that while an ad was playing 😂
S Gill
S Gill 10 timmar sedan
Could have showed the flip mechanism near the beginning of the video. Instead of 10 minutes in.
Dray Antonio
Dray Antonio 10 timmar sedan
TABLE: you could not live with your own failure where did that bring you. BACK TO ME
Dreamphant Ltd
Dreamphant Ltd 10 timmar sedan
TBH i think lack of wireless charging is a non issue with these kinds of charging speeds, i mean 58% in 15mins!!! these are crazy fast speeds, why would anyone want to SIT the phone on a block to charge wirelessly for maybe 3-5 times slower when you could juice up for 15 minutes and get a day's charge (or 40 mins and get a full charge) and remember wtih wireless you are still SITTING it down meaning u cant use the phone the same way you would with a cable. wireless charging in its current state is way overrated. yes its nice to have but inconsequential to miss (at these speeds) maybe the day wireless charging acts like WiFi is the day it will be a game changer.
King-of-Hero 10 timmar sedan
I love the smaller form factor hopefully more companies see it's potential again
Damned Chikarawka
Damned Chikarawka 10 timmar sedan
I mean, try sitting with a table behind you or on the side? 🤷‍♂️
Pixel Shade
Pixel Shade 10 timmar sedan
I don't get why consumers these days are okay with the idea that expensive phones should be slippery as hell and made completely out of glass. How can companies get away with it? and do consumers support these toxic business practices?
Dhiraj Chaurasia
Dhiraj Chaurasia 10 timmar sedan
Does anyone else feel disoriented? Like that height is bothering me. My mind expects a certain vibe when i click on Dave2D.
Dino Dino
Dino Dino 10 timmar sedan
Looks like asus pixel 8
DFox Review
DFox Review 10 timmar sedan
Your disappointed but you did not use the phone no matter how much you liked it... Lol... Well there is your answer.
Children of Los
Children of Los 10 timmar sedan
Please review UE Fits.
FrankDaGent 10 timmar sedan
Dave needs Samsung Handy robotic instead of a table
Nutri 10 timmar sedan
@DaveD2 , Hey Dave been watching your vids for a long time, great and honest content. Ever thought of using wall shelfs instead of a table?
Ashin PM
Ashin PM 11 timmar sedan
Wireless charging ?
Sigurd 10
Sigurd 10 11 timmar sedan
Anyone knows which controller is that
Jove Stannibal
Jove Stannibal 11 timmar sedan
something is off in the video. Its more grainy and feels like he is shooting in a web camera.
AnimeFreak-san 11 timmar sedan
No matter the looks, you still gonna use a back cover. Zenfone 8 is about everything a consumer needs, can't ask for more. I'm all down for it. That simple design isn't bad at all!
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva 11 timmar sedan
Table lol.